Standing Outside the Fire

Standing Outside the Fire

Charlotte Tilson knows all about running away—she's been doing it most of her life.

Running from the memories and pain of the fire that took everything.

Now she's running from her wedding, or she's hanging from the lattice work outside her father's church with the stupid gown up over her head, to be more precise.

All of Holder County is going to see everything and then some if she can't find a way out.

When Lt. Jamie Holder, Holder County's most eligible firefighting cowboy, sees his best friend tied up in a bundle of lace and dangling from the side of the church, he knows this is his chance to fan the embers of their friendship into a blaze of passion hotter than any prairie wildfire.

He's all about exit strategies. He's been the Clyde to her Bonnie for most of their lives. If anyone's going to help her make her greatest escape yet, it's going to be him.

Because she was always supposed to be his.

He just has to convince her that adding a few provocative benefits to their friendship won't ruin anything.

But when Charlotte runs right into the arms of her own personal firefighter, it's impossible to escape the heat.

She's spent her whole life running from the blazes he dives headfirst into.

This time, their legendary escape rubs the town the wrong way.

Will their white-hot love survive when someone else is holding the match?

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