From epic urban fantasy to contemporary romance, you can expect deep characters, emotionally gripping plots, and stories that will give you all the feels. If you prefer urban fantasy then J.E. Neal books are for you. Contemporary romance series are written under Jillian Neal.

Tangle of Magic

J.E. Neal
There are those who can see the energy all around us. They can summon it and bend it to their will. Some use it to protect. Some use it to create. Some use it to heal. Some…use it to destroy.

Tangle of Magic : Boxed Set (1-6)

Tangle of Magic

Tangle of Lies

Tangle of Magic # 1

Tangle of Chaos

Tangle of Magic # 2

Tangle of Desires

Tangle of Magic # 3

Tangle of Fates

Tangle of Magic # 4

Tangle of Trust

Tangle of Magic # 5

Tangle of Ruin

Tangle of Magic # 6

Energy of Magic

J.E. Neal
The Magicians meets Blue Bloods in this explosive and sexy contemporary fantasy series where the Earth’s energy creates powerful, protective magic for those who can access it. Perfect for fans of bands of brothers, found family, friends-to-lovers, redemption, and expansive world building!

Shield and Shattered Cages

Energy of Magic # 1

Shield and Faltered Steps

Energy of Magic # 2

Shield and Splintered Oaths

Energy of Magic # 3

Shield and Humbled Crown

Energy of Magic # 4

Shield and Vile Serpents

Energy of Magic # 5

Shield and Coveted Splendor

Energy of Magic # 6

Shield and Guarded Shadow

Energy of Magic # 7

Shield and Worthy Sinner

Energy of Magic # 8

Shield and Sacrificial Heirs

Energy of Magic # 9

Broken H.A.L.O.

Jillian Neal
When Special Forces Team Seven lost half of their team, those that remained banded together to form Tier Seven Security Services. Now, they use their training to handle the jobs the government can’t. With brilliant minds, muscle for miles, and hearts of gold, they’ll prove that Special Forces penetrates deeper, lasts longer, recovers faster, and carries a heavier payload.

H.A.L.O. Undone

Broken H.A.L.O. # 1

H.A.L.O. Redeemed

Broken H.A.L.O. # 2

Fractured H.A.L.O.

Broken H.A.L.O. # 3

Holder County

Jillian Neal
Contemporary Western Romance

Oklahoma Sky

Holder County # 1

Standing Outside the Fire

Holder County # 2

What She Wants Tonight

Holder County # 3

Camden Ranch

Jillian Neal
Set in the breathtaking Nebraskan plains in the tiny town of Pleasant Glen, you'll discover there is nothing more persuasive than a cowboy with a big heart, a rope, chaps, and a plan. The only thing dirtier than their boots are their bedroom preferences.

Coincidental Cowgirl

Camden Ranch

Rodeo Summer

Camden Ranch # 1

Forever Wild

Camden Ranch # 2

Cowgirl Education

Camden Ranch # 3


Camden Ranch # 4

Last Call

Camden Ranch # 5

Wayward Son

Camden Ranch # 6

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Contemporary Romance
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