Tangle of Magic

J.E. Neal
There are those who can see the energy all around us. They can summon it and bend it to their will. Some use it to protect. Some use it to create. Some use it to heal. Someā€¦use it to destroy.

Tangle of Magic : Boxed Set (1-6)

Tangle of Magic
Available Now!

Tangle of Lies

Tangle of Magic # 1
Available Now!

Tangle of Chaos

Tangle of Magic # 2
Available Now!

Tangle of Desires

Tangle of Magic # 3
Preorder: Available Oct 6, 2023

Tangle of Fates

Tangle of Magic # 4
Preorder: Available Oct 17, 2023

Tangle of Trust

Tangle of Magic # 5
Preorder: Available Oct 27, 2023

Tangle of Ruin

Tangle of Magic # 6
Preorder: Available Nov 7, 2023
Series List
Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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