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Rave Reviews
Every once in a while you find a new author that just gets it. They know how to create a world and characters that are not only believable but cause the reader to be genuinely concerned for them.
This book is HOT and spicy with twists and turns everywhere.
'Within the Realm' is a very unique and interesting story that hooks the reader right away and leaves you anxious for the squeal.
The characters . . . oh the characters . . . There are so many good ones.
This book was by far my favorite summertime read this year.
This book picked up right where the (first book) left off and it was once again another amazing read from Jillian Neal.
. . .(Y)ou are pretty much on the edge of your seat from the beginning!
I found myself laughing, crying, happy, scared, content, angry, relieved and disgusted (throughout) the book.
Sometimes learning your lesson the hard way is the best way, and certainly entertaining to the reader.
. . . Jillian Neal mixes a twenty-first century Ozzie and Harriet set of parents with a huge family of sexually over-active adult children who love deep and often in book two of her Gifted Realm series.
This book contains everything that I love most about reading . . . A solid story line, fabulous character development (Definitely a strong talent of Jillian Neal's) as well as continual movement that never feels stagnant or forced.
A good story, interesting characters and an ending that makes (you) look forward to the next book.
I found myself thinking about the book even when I wasn't reading it.
I absolutely love this family . . . Not too much is sacred or secret in this family, including sex, and if anything is discussed among siblings can be a riot, this is one topic that made me laugh with banter!
Lots of twists and turns, I didn't want to put it down. . . . The love scenes are amazing!!!
This author can write, but even I am amazed at how she can go from the precious first weeks of a newborn's life to a melt your eyeballs sexual scene in the flip of a page!
Can this series get any better? I think not, but Jillian Neal always seems to find (a way) anyways.
From the warmth and loyalty in the powerful Haydenshire family that extends to those they love to the brutal realities that lurk around every corner to the steaming romance shared by lovers, I was in Ms. Neal's world, believing every word, seeing every scene, feeling every emotion.
(T)he steaminess, and macho men in this book did big things for me!
Really enjoyed the way Jillian Neal can write such a fiery love scene and still make you feel the love and respect the characters have for each other.
I started reading (Jillian Neal's) books, not really aware of what they were about, but she has me hooked.
In a series weaving the paranormal, suspense, and eroticism as well as interpersonal relationships and familial interactions, this is a series that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With a strong-willed, sexy and protective group of men and the women keeping them sane you can't help but feel a part of their struggle for HEA and quickly become immersed in this world.
(I)f ever I had someone I wanted for my favorite book boyfriend, without a doubt it is Dan Vindico.
"'All But Lost' is truly a blend of good old fashioned family closeness and values, the fight of good versus evil and pure romantic heat, kind of like Ozzie and Harriet in the 21st century, with paranormal powers, written for the NA crowd.
Laughing, crying, heart pounding, needing, she will pull it all from you, to leave you floating in the breeze.
Laughing, crying, heart pounding, needing, she will pull it all from you, to leave you floating in the breeze.
(O)nce again (Jillian Neal) has balanced raw need with romance and intrigue and brought home another hit!
(O)nce again (Jillian Neal) has balanced raw need with romance and intrigue and brought home another hit!
From unsure lovers to crazed heroes to the political family that rocks the model family vibe, it's all there and presented with perfect pacing, some bad cooking and lots of heat!
'(The) Quelling Tide' is full of exotic erotic romance and sweet moments that will make you laugh and melt your heart!
This book will make you happy and wanting more books about these great characters!
Great reading, filled with moments of humor and family love . . .
(I)t is "Father Knows Best" meets passionate erotic love as the Haydenshires and their extended family are tossed under the bus by Jillian Neal's creative streak.
'Gypsy Beach' is a great book to add to your summer read list!
Some stories succeed at pulling us right in . . . a pathway to another world. 'Gypsy Beach' was that exact escape for me. From the prologue, no less!
This one was fun and light, and an easy story to lose myself in for a few hours.
The sexy scenes were perfect and steamy. And the ending was great.
It has everything (that) you would expect from a great romance. Young love, big hopes and dreams, steamy sex scenes and the rekindling of a love that will last the test of time.
This is a well written, entertaining, sexy fun book about two people who have been hurt by family and friends, don't really trust but come together and find love and trust with each other.
Some authors gently turn up the heat, but 'Signature Jillian' cranks it up to high and lets events boil over...
'Gypsy Love' is hot, sexy, and the perfect summer read!
This book is so well written and you will laugh and cry.
Sexy & steamy love scenes that will have you needing a cold shower!!
. . . a good mixture (of) romance and mystery to make it a good romantic suspense and would be a great end of summer beach read!
This was my first Jillian Neal read, but it definitely will not be my last.
Jillian brings all the essentials for a sexy romance; the sexy hero, a strong woman, suspense, emotions, love, humor, and of course smokin' hot scenes between Grady & Nadya.
Holy intense love scenes! There is no doubt that the electricity between these two is off the chart.
The only bad thing about 'Gypsy Hope' is that it ends! What a charming, sweet and super sexy story.
'Gypsy Hope' will leave you wanting for more . . . heck it makes me wish that Gypsy Beach was real!
Jillian writes the kind of sexy scene we all wish for . . .
Brock is my new book boyfriend.
. . . the author does a masterful job of interweaving hot romance with actual struggles that plague every day life.
This is a quick and enjoyable read and the start of what looks to be a great new series. I look forward to revisiting Camden Ranch again!
Its hot, sexy and full of the recognizable Jillian Neal trademarks
'Coincidental Cowgirl' set the perfect stage for the up and coming Camden Ranch series.
Beyond sexy in all the right ways, layered with details, and a take on small town life (that) is beyond hilarious.
It’s a great story that shows the truth behind a marriage in its first year
Jun 2016
Posted By

So, you're going to "Nationals" this year, right?


Yay!! I hope to see you there.

Want a few tips/tricks/where to hide if all the people get to you ideas? I thought I might combine all of my profound wisdom (read: not much) or maybe just gather my random thoughts from my own conference experiences that you might find useful here. Random thoughts are more my cup of coffee.


Here we go.

Let's start with 

What to Pack:

Don't be like me and wait to pack until the night before the conference because you've (yet again) signed on to release a book the week of Nationals and you're doing promo until the wee hours of the morning just before you get on a plane. Yes, I did it again this year. Like I said, don't be like me. 

Moving on. Here's a quick list of must-haves for an enjoyable conference experience:

Nice(ish) clothes - My youngest son pointed out last year that it was odd that an entire grouping of people who generally work in either 3-day old pajamas or old yoga pants need dressy clothes for their annual conference, but it's our time to put on our best and shine. 

You'll be meeting other authors, agents, publishers, and lots of other people who help authors get their books to readers. Oh, and at the big massive literacy signing where all of the proceeds go to my very favorite charity - The Proliteracy Foundation - you'll be meeting readers! So, do your version of cool chicky-mama but...

Shoes - Wear comfortable shoes. You'll be walking, and walking, and walking. I also highly recommend bringing blister band-aids or moleskin so that even if you get a blister you can keep right on trucking along. Put a few in your day bag. AND bring socks. Even if you won't be wearing them during the day, it's nice to have them at night to nurture your sore feet when you (eventually) retire to your room. 

You might also want to pack a few pairs of those comfy yoga pants (I like to think of them as a security blanket) to wear in your room as well. 

Things To Go In Your Day Bag - RWA provides lovely bags for us to carry around the conference. They put all kinds of helpful goodies in there as well. There are a few things I like to add to my bag, though. Chapstick, breathmints, medications, a bottle of water, a few of your favorite pens for taking notes, something to write on, your schedule (we'll go over that below), and tons of business cards. Anything you might need at your fingertips that you don't want to have to return to your room to get. 

Keep your business cards on you constantly. You'll pass them around the breakfast table, hand them out in workshops, heck I met a group of fans in the elevator when I first got to the hotel last year that I totally wasn't expecting. I'm pretty sure I even exchanged a few at the bathroom sinks. Keep them within reach all the times. 

An Empty Bag or Two - You'll likely be bringing home lots and lots of paperbacks. You'll need some way to get them all back to your lovely lair.

What To Do:

Before you arrive - Go through the schedule thoroughly. I highly recommend making use of the conference app to map out the workshops you want to attend, meals, meetings, and appointments. But...

Also make a paper copy. Occasionally, apps fail. (Never tell my darling hubby, the computer programmer, I said that.) It's nice to have to paper copy to fall back on in case the wi-fi gods don't smile on you. 

Side note on workshops - When you're going through the schedule deciding which workshops to attend think outside the box. There will be dozens upon dozens upon dozens of people lining up to hear about "What's hot in romance writing in 2016." But there might be other things going on during that time slot that would be more helpful. 

I always try to diversify my workshops. Career, craft, chats, research, and self-publishing. Take a few from each category to get the most out of a conference. 

Also, before you arrive, do your research. Are there restaurants near the hotel where you'd like to have lunch? Is there something outside of the conference you want to do while you're in town. Research before so if you find time you'll already know where you're heading.

Check the overall schedule thoroughly. There are provided breakfasts somedays and lunches others. See when you'll need to forage for food on your own. 

Once you arrive - Go by the registration tables and pick up your name tag and bag. Put your name tag around your neck and leave it there! It helps break the ice a little. You'll be meeting lots of new people. 

If it is your first conference, attend the First Timers session. It's fun and helpful. 

While you're there - Have a goal. I like to have one overarching goal for each conference. It can be as simple as making new friends, making a few contacts, or working up the courage to speak to your favorite author at a signing. 

Talk to people. We're all in this together. Authors that have been at this for years remember awaiting their first sale. Be friendly and smile. Writing conferences are the only places where we're surrounded by people who understand the way our bizarre brains work. Enjoy your trip to the pod mother who loves us all. Too much? Okay, forget that part about the pod mother. Just promise me if you see me you'll say "Hi!" and chat me up. I don't mind! I'd love to meet you, and I know most other authors feel the same way. 

Don't hide out in your room. Go to the bar in the evening. That's where we all are. But DON'T drink too much!!

Keep your goals in mind. Is your goal to get lots of free signed books, or is it to improve your craft? Let your goal be your guide throughout the weekend so to speak. 

And most importantly - Enjoy yourself! Take it all in stride. It's going to be fun. 

And maybe remember to leave yourself a few days to recover after you get home. 

I can't wait to see you there!








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