H.A.L.O. Undone

H.A.L.O. Undone

I've been head over army boots in love with Hannah Hagen since I first stepped into her father's house six years ago, a newly minted member of Green Beret Team Seven.

Did I mention her father's a general? Yeah, that's only one of the reasons I need to stay away from Hannah.

The other reason, Team Seven also includes her big brother a.k.a. my best friend.

What can I say? She's completely irresistible.

I thought I had it all under control until the lies I told cost half my team their lives.

I'm trying. I swear I'm trying to do right by her and right by the remaining members of my team. Staying away from her is harder than I am when I'm in her presence and that's saying something.

She got me to Vegas under the pretenses of some bachelor auction that doesn't go quite as she'd planned.

What harm could come from spending a week hidden away in Sin City with the one woman in the universe I crave more than my next breath?

We're about to find out.

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Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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