Tangle of Fates

Tangle of Fates

The legends say that for every Shield there is a fated mate. The one the Shield will stop at nothing to protect. The only one who can soothe the aching, restless need. The one he can bring exquisite pleasure once their energy combines.

Protector. Destroyer. Playboy. Garrett Haydenshire is quite certain the legends are nothing more than childish fantasies. But the restlessness that has consumed his life threatens to finally drag him under…until he meets her.

He recognizes the danger that surrounds her that she can't allow herself to see. He yearns to protect her. His body hungers to pleasure her. Suddenly, nothing is more important to Garrett than claiming this woman as his own, keeping her safe, and satisfying the need that consumes them.

Can Garrett become the savior she needs or will they lose everything in these Tangle of Fates?

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Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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