Tangle of Lies

Tangle of Lies

Protector. Warrior. Shield. That is who Dan Vindico has always been—would always be.

Until he wasn't. He seeks redemption. Robbed of his station and his command, he'll serve his penitence by teaching other Shields not to make his mistakes. But repentance never comes without a sacrifice.

Dan is ordered back to his alma mater and finds it embroiled in scandal, an unraveling mystery he can't seem to solve. This time his father is on the line unless Dan can protect his family from everything that threatens to destroy them.

Empath. Oracle. Savior. Fionna Vindico is the most powerful of the Empathic Receivers. She wields her wisdom like a sword and her understanding a spear. She must protect her daughters. She must protect Dan.

When the lines between good and evil blur, Dan knows there is only one person he can trust—Fionna. They need the flames of their passion to sustain them. But to reveal the hidden secrets, they must be careful not to get caught in the blaze.

This time they'll work together to unravel the Tangle of Lies.

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Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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