Energy of Magic

J.E. Neal
The Magicians meets Hawaii Blue Bloods in this explosive and sexy contemporary fantasy series where the Earth’s energy creates powerful, protective magic for those who can access it. Perfect for fans of bands of brothers, found family, friends-to-lovers, redemption, and expansive world building!

Shield and Shattered Cages

Energy of Magic # 1
Available Now!

Shield and Faltered Steps

Energy of Magic # 2
Available Now!

Shield and Splintered Oaths

Energy of Magic # 3
Available Now!

Shield and Humbled Crown

Energy of Magic # 4
Available Now!

Shield and Vile Serpents

Energy of Magic # 5
Available Now!

Shield and Coveted Splendor

Energy of Magic # 6
Preorder: Available Apr 4, 2023

Shield and Guarded Shadow

Energy of Magic # 7
Preorder: Available Apr 25, 2023

Shield and Worthy Sinner

Energy of Magic # 8
Preorder: Available May 16, 2023
Series List
Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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