Shield and Splintered Oaths

Shield and Splintered Oaths

Garrett Haydenshire will do anything to keep his family safe in the third book in the thrilling urban fantasy Energy of Magic series.

The world of the Gifted—those who can harness the earth's energies to cast powerful magic—is in real danger. The Elite Iodex are the soldiers meant to keep the realm safe, but even the elite guardian's protective shields won't be able to stop the darkness that would eat at the Gifted Realm if power fell into Interfeci hands.

Emily and Rainer race around the globe—from D.C. to Paris to Boston to Seattle—trying to hold onto their new lives together and ensure Emily's father can secure his seat as Crown Governor.

Only the Interfeci has already infiltrated the election. The Haydenshires can handle the mud-slinging, but what the evil organization does next could devastate the growing family. Members of the Interfeci poison those we love. They kidnap the most vulnerable in our families. They seek to take control of the Gifted Realm, and only Garrett, Rainer, Logan, and Dan stand a chance at stopping them.

"There's someone here who's not supposed to be. I feel them." Emily gasped for breath.

He watched Vindico's eyes goggle as he raced toward them, and he shoved two men out of his way. He knocked the glass from Mrs. Haydenshire's hand just as she'd taken a small sip. It shattered on the tiled floor.

"That's Vasquez!" he shouted. He threw his arms out toward the member of the waitstaff who was fleeing the scene. They hadn't recognized him in the catering disguise, complete with hat and glasses.

Mrs. Haydenshire began to tremble violently. She grasped the table for support.

"Lillian!" Governor Haydenshire rushed to her.

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