Shield and Worthy Sinner

Shield and Worthy Sinner

Past fears and future hopes collide in this explosive installment of JE Neal's sexy urban fantasy series

Dan Vindico has clawed his way back from the darkness to find love and hope with Fionna Styler. He's dealt powerful blows to the Inferfeci crime network, but it isn't enough because now the evil organization knows about Fionna. They know how powerful she is and they know what she means to Dan.

The leader of Elite Iodex and one of the most powerful Shields in the Gifted Realm will stop at nothing to win the war and protect the woman he loves. He'll abide by no rules when it comes to Fionna. The darker he goes, the more he scares her.

Focused solely on work, Dan opens the door for danger. How much can one man lose and still find redemption? Which is more important to Dan Vindico: defeating the Wretchkinsides or building a life with the woman who loves him through it all?

"Entry room cleared. Moving down the hall," Garrett heard Dan call over the two-way radio.

"Took out Malicai on the stairs. Meet you in the middle," Garrett answered. A bullet flew by Garrett's face. He caught it in his shield and threw it back to the shooter, hitting him in the gut.

"Gunman down in the hallway to right of stairs," he shouted into the radio, ordering half of his team to move to the left and the other half to follow him.

Suddenly Garrett's heart refused him the next beat. The blood that had been coursing through his body froze as Dan's voice shouted, "I've got an Elite officer down, repeat, Elite officer down! Bullet wound left shoulder. Medios move in immediately!"

Terror flooded Garrett's entire being. He raced to another corridor and wrapped his arms around Menendez, whose back was to him. He threw him to the ground, but Menendez managed to chamber his pistol and take aim.

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