Shield and Humbled Crown

Shield and Humbled Crown

When people can craft the energy of the earth into their own power, they can save or ruin lives. At the heart of the Gifted Realm, the Elite Iodex and the Haydenshire family are fighting to protect their people. The Interfeci, however, only seek to sow destruction.

And they might be winning.

Rainer, Emily, Logan, and Adeline strive for respite, but even after flying halfway around the world, the threats of the evil Interfeci follow them. They're tracked through Paris. Only when the Iodex mentor and leader Dan arrives do they learn how exposed they truly are.

Betrayal grips the Gifted Realm. Family turns against family, lies are sold as the truth, and the cost of failure is more than most could bear. The men of Iodex grow more dangerous with each new darkness crushing them. It's only through their girlfriends' healing and empathy powers that anyone stands a chance of coming out of this battle unbroken.

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Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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