Shield and Vile Serpents

Shield and Vile Serpents

Find out why readers say Energy of Magic is "Mutant X meets Black Dagger Brotherhood" in this steamy, action-packed fantasy romance

Elite Iodex is all that stands between the Gifted Realm and the vicious Interfeci crime syndicate. At the head of the powerful peacekeeping order is Dan Vindico. He's hard, brash, powerful, and one hundred percent the man you want protecting you. But inside, Dan is falling apart.

He's spent the last decade mourning his fiancée's murder. He's used that time to cut down the Interfeci, keep the man who killed her in jail, and Shielding the Realm. Holding the Gifted community together takes everything, and when his work unravels, he'll have to wonder if he can save anyone he loves.

Fionna sees past the harsh exterior, and she's not scared by scars. A powerful Receiver, she's more than an Arlington Angel. She could be his salvation, if he's willing to listen.

Is vengeance more important than redemption? Can Dan find solace in love or will the past ruin him all over again?

A minute later, two men in trench coats entered his car. They were speaking rapidly in Russian as they scanned the passengers.

His heart sped. His chest vibrated. There was no way out of that car. Dan's blood raced through his veins in chilling spikes.

He sank down in his seat, sending up a futile prayer to a God he refused to believe in. He pulled the cap lower over his face and picked up the newspaper he'd just purchased. He kept a close watch on the men as they glanced around the car.

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