Shield and Faltered Steps

Shield and Faltered Steps

Rainer Lawson got the girl and the job, but can he keep them? The Energy of Magic world gets bigger—and sexier—in this second romantic fantasy novel about those who can wield protective magic.

Rainer's family legacy is one of power and justice. He's trying to live up to that reputation and that includes doing anything he can to keep his beloved Emily safe. It's more than channeling energy to cast protective magic; it's doing right by his family and his brethren.

His uncle, however, only sees the Lawson legacy as Rainer's inheritance— and he wants the estate. A juicy battle in court and in the press means every step Rainer and Emily take—and every fiery touch not behind closed doors—is now front-page news.

Rainer's Elite Iodex squadron needs information on the criminals who have targeted a politician's girlfriend. The undercover mission puts Rainer in a strip club, and Emily has no idea.

Secrets and lies crumble beneath the weight of Rainer's regret. Catching a kidnapper is easy compared to winning back Emily's trust, but what's the point of being a Shield if you can't protect your own?

She drew from her fourth diode and shot the stream. Her Receiver could barely hold the amount of energy she'd already been given to try and convert, but winning was no longer Marlisa's goal.

Rainer leapt from his seat. His heart pounded in his ears. He couldn't draw breath. The stream hit the reflector that was less than two feet away from Emily.

Marlisa had calculated it perfectly. It appeared that she'd missed her Receiver, but the stream bounced off of the reflector, and with a horrifying scream, Emily's body doubled over. She clutched her right side and collapsed on the ground.

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