Shield and Shattered Cages

Shield and Shattered Cages

Emily Haydenshire is at the center of a world where magic can protect and bind… or rip the world apart. She is one of the Gifted. While her family has political ideals, Emily wants only to travel the world, competing in magical contests, and do so with Rainer at her side.

Rainer Lawson lost it all seven years ago. His father, his place, his family. Now, as he's inducted into an elite magical squadron, he is finding hope again. His protective magic abilities make him strong enough to keep his childhood sweetheart, Emily, safe. Maybe even safe enough to keep. Only the same criminals who murdered his father seven years ago are watching, waiting. Their grudges run deep.

When Emily and Rainer's magic combines, it's more than a head rush of sexual connection—it's power that draws attention. Can they master harnessing the energies of the Earth in time to keep their family safe? Wealth, power, magic, and love are all on the line for Rainer and Emily.

Every curse word Dan could come up with flew out of his mouth as he watched the television screen's live feed of his two newest officers leaving the Virginia Beach boardwalk. What was Lawson thinking?

At that moment, the Haydenshires headed through the Iodex office to return to their cars after their impromptu trip to celebrate the blessed engagement. Dan ground his teeth. He marched out of his office and cornered Garrett. They shared a knowing look as Dan pointed him into this office and slammed the door behind him.

"He gave her the Lawson ring?!" he seethed. "Is he just damned and determined to live his old man's life? Is he trying to get her killed?"

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