Shield and Coveted Splendor

Shield and Coveted Splendor

A secret relationship, powerful magics, and the one of the best grovel scenes in fantasy romance

When you find your person, hope prevails, right? Dan Vindico wishes that were true. After years of angst and grief, he's discovered joy and light in the powerful and beautiful Fionna Styler.

Only Dan is the leader of Elite Iodex, the protective guardians of the Gifted community. If the Interfeci learned of his love for her, she'd be at risk. Her magic keeps him safe, but can this Shield protect his woman and pretend she isn't his?

When Fionna's life is in danger, will Dan battle his own demons to save her or the monsters seeking to destroy the world of the Gifted?

Dan awoke gasping for breath and covered in sweat as he jerked upright in bed. He held his head in his hands and let it fall between his knees.

The same damn dream. He tried to remember how to breathe as he dragged his hands over his face. He wiped away sweat and terror from his brow. Salt scraped over his skin as he tried desperately to remove the remnants of his nightmare from his face.

Someone moved. His head jerked to the side wildly. Why was there someone in his room?

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Contemporary Romance
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