Shield and Sacrificial Heirs

Shield and Sacrificial Heirs

In this globe-trotting and steamy finale to the Energy of Magic, Dan must fight for his happy ending with Fionna.

Dan Vindico wasn't afraid to use black energy—or his bare hands—to seek vengeance on the vicious Interfeci syndicate members. He'd lost nearly everything in doing so, but with the elite Iodex squadron at his side, they'd crushed the criminal organization. He'd found hope and redemption within his grasp.

The darkness, however, is not so easily shaken. Evil still has its sights on Dan and Fionna and all those who can wield the Energy of Magic.

Money has gone missing, Iodex officers are being brutally murdered, and Dan knows he can't start his new life with a wife and child when danger looms omnipresent. Can Dan and the Elite Iodex find the remaining links to the Wretchkinsides and secure safety for both their families and the Gifted world?

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Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
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