Shield and Guarded Shadow

Shield and Guarded Shadow

Dan and Fionna will have to consider what's worth sacrificing in this thrilling and steamy contemporary fantasy!

Secrets are hard to keep, even when you can harness the earth's energies to shield more than sound. Dan Vindico needs to keep his relationship with Fionna Styler private. Knowing him and loving him means imminent danger. As he's learned the hard way.

A break-in and a threat are only the beginning. The risk of Fionna living alone grows until Dan and Fionna agree the safest place for them both is together. Her abilities flare as protectively as her man's, putting Fionna squarely on the Interfeci's hit list.

Dan is close to getting everything he's wanted: the ruin of the Wretchkinsides, a powerful woman to love, a home. Only Fionna is now a target and Dan must decide how far he will go to keep her safe. What will he lose to keep the woman he loves?

Dan gasped as Fionna shook him. "Someone is here," she whispered frantically. "They're here. I can feel them!" She shook in her terror.

His heart thundered and choked his lungs as he heard glass shatter.

Dan kept her behind his body as he reached and pulled his Colt from the jacket lying on the bench in Fionna's room. He heard stumbling footsteps in the entryway.

He did know. All of Governor Haydenshire's assurances that Wretchkinsides didn't know Dan had fallen in love were dead wrong. Dan's mind reeled as he chambered the pistol.

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