The Editing Has Begun!

March 23, 2015
Well, in an effort to catch up a little from my sickness last week, I started the rewrite on The Quelling Tide last night. Here are a few details on what's coming up before the final edits are made!

- The Quelling Tide currently stands at 185,000 words. Approximately 45,000 of these will be removed to make the book more succinct and a much better read. However, cutting that many scenes will be like carving holes out of my soul with my own knife, or pen in this case. It must be done, but oh it's gonna hurt.

-Right now there are 53 chapters and an Epilogue. This could change but I suspect it will remain close to this number.

-In this book we see Rainer Lawson come back as a primary narrator for a decent portion. He doesn't tell quite as much as Dan but almost. Garrett Haydenshire will also tell a little bit of the story.

-I always break the books up into chapters before I begin editing them. It makes it easier to chew in tinier pieces so to speak. When I'd entered in all of the chapter breaks and typed the word "Epilogue" last night, I promptly burst into tears. I cannot believe that this is the final book in this series. I'm so pleased with it, but typing the words The End are very likely to do me in. I pour my soul into every book I write. This series launched my career, made me believe that I was really an author, and brought breath to my lungs on a daily basis for years and years. I will never forget the "gifts" it gave me.

- The Epilogue does give you a little glimpse into what we will see in The Gifted Academy, but I'm taking a very slight Gifted hiatus this Summer. The Gifted Academy series will not be released until later in the year. Don't worry! I do have a Summer series coming out!

-As I was breaking chapters out, there were a few scenes that caught my eye. They gave me chills. I remember writing them and they still scare me! This book is not for the faint of heart.

-I can give away a few little secrets here I guess. Hmm, how about, Rainer and Emily DO get married in this book, and if you paid very close attention in All but Lost then you know that we will be meeting Aida in this book.

All right, well, I need to get back to the re-write. This book hits the shelves in May! I'm running out of time! I hope you have a fabulous day. I'm looking forward to spending today with Rainer and Emily. As the pic for this blog suggests they are, in fact, on their honeymoon! ;)

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