10 Things Authors Think When They Finish a Novel

March 30, 2015
Okay, I have to give 2 slight disclaimers to this post. 1. Not every author may think all of these things every time they finish a book, but I've had enough conversations with my fellow writer peeps to be fairly certain that most of us have thought at least some of them. And 2. Although an author that has just finished their first manuscript may be able to relate, I'm mostly referring to those of us that turn out several books a year, generally on some kind of deadline. If you've just finished your first manuscript, then you must celebrate! That is an amazing accomplishment! Be proud of yourself!

So, last night I finished the first draft of Gypsy Beach. The Gypsy Beach series will be out this summer, and I am beyond in love with it. Now, to quote Hemingway who definitely knew what he was talking about, "The first draft of anything is sh*t." So, I am well aware that there will be rewrites, major content editing, major copy editing, and then another read through before Gypsy Beach ever sees the light of your Kindles. It's far from "finished," but the first draft is complete- hooray!

Here's the breakdown after you type the words "The End:"

1. Holy schizmolly, I finished it!

2. Did I really just finish it?

3. Yeah, but it's not finished, finished.

4. Yeah, but you got it done by your deadline! {Insert a round of joyful dancing that may or may not include the robot}

5. Hmm, I wonder when the last time I showered was? I should probably look into that.

6. {Raises head from laptop} Hey, look, there are people and stuff. "Hi, people!" {waves enthusiastically} "When did you get here? Do I even know you?"

7. {Sigh} I miss my characters. I want to go back into the book.

8. When was the last time I put on clean yoga pants? Where is the laundry room again?

9. Wait, I just finished the manuscript. I really finished it. {panics} What if I can't do it again? What if I can never write again because even though that was like my 20th book what if all of my ability was some kind of falsity, and I can't do it anymore? Or what if it sucks? Oh crap, it probably sucks!

Insert DH wrapping arms around me. "I read it, baby. It doesn't suck. It's amazing. You're an incredible writer, and you will be able to do it again." {swoons}

10. {Fixes another cup of coffee.} Brain feels empty for several hours. World is difficult to understand. There is a surreal element to life outside of the book you were completely immersed in. Ideas begin to swim in the empty abyss. Hoorah! Ideas! Oh that's a good one! Yes! Yes! That's the one. Someone get me my notebook!
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