Wrestling a Bear a.k.a. Editing

April 3, 2015
This week I have been making major edits on The Quelling Tide. To be perfectly honest, it's kicking my a$$! So much happens in the book. There are so many loose ends to tie up. I want to do it justice. It's my job to take this huge hunk of story and carve out something beautiful. It is something like wrestling a bear. Currently, there are far too many words. It's excessive, and I cannot leave them. Sadly, there are far too many love scenes. I know, I know. I can hear you whimpering. "Don't take out the sex!" Believe me, there will be plenty left. There is simply too much, and the best parts are a little bit lost. So, by stripping away the unnecessary, at the end we'll have a kick-a$$ story.

The process has been slow and tedious, but the end result will be fantastic... I hope! It doesn't help that every few pages I get all choked up. It is a very emotional book, and knowing that it is the last book in this monolithic series has brought me to tears numerous times. I've not only watched my characters learn and grow. I've grown up with them. I keep thinking back to Rainer sitting in that classroom, taking his exit exams, and about how far he's come. The Prologue was added to Within the Realm later, so those were the first words I ever wrote. Quite often, I sob. it's very much like watching your own children grow, and learn, and eventually turn to face the world on their own. I worry about them.

It is all very necessary. I want this book to be the best in the series. I always want my next book to be better than the one before. There are so many things on the horizon, but right now I'm going to enjoy spending these last few days with my characters, polishing the plot, and preparing them to turn and present the final chapter of their tale to you. I think they're ready. It's me that wants to hold onto them for just a little while longer.
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