The Random Friday Five!!

April 10, 2015
It's Friday afternoon! Honestly, this week I could use another day before today, but we take what we can get. For those of you who are new to the Random Friday Five, each week about this time I offer you five bits of randomness from my brain. Normally, by Friday I'm completely brain fried and you never know what I might pull out of my... hat. Yeah, hat. Let's go with that. ;) So, shall we Random Friday Five? Let's...

1. I spent most every waking moment this week working on The Quelling Tide. It's almost done! I'm so close! And I promise not to be like the LOST conclusion. I'm going to answer all of the questions (or at least most of them) that have come up in the last 6 books. Dan is about to get a major clue about who is behind all of the very odd things that have been happening. After this, all hell breaks loose and it's a rip-roaring, no holds barred, fist for bloody fist ride to the end! I will go ahead and warn everyone that The Quelling Tide has quite a bit of sexy sexiness in it, probably more than the other books in the novel. I've tried to cut some out, but I'm hoping you'll enjoy the scenes as much as Dan and Fionna and Rainer and Emily do! ;)

2. It occurs to me that I haven't left my house in three days. I told you I've done nothing but work! I did take a break and do a little shopping on Tuesday. I got an adorable, hippie-chick, summer Sak purse. It will be so fun to carry it, if I ever actually shower and leave my home. Must finish book!

3. Thank you to all of you that asked about my grandmother! She is doing very well under the circumstances. She was released from the hospital yesterday and is in a rehab facility to help rebuild her strength. I appreciate all of your prayers, thoughts, and good vibes. They worked!

4. Since it is my boys' Spring Break, we have tried to do a few fun things with them despite my insane work schedule. We went to see "Home," Monday evening. It was quite cute, but made me want to come home and listen to Rhianna music. I do love her voice and if you're a fan of The Gifted Realm you probably know that her song "Stay" is Dan and Fionna's song. The first time I heard it I honestly wondered if somehow she'd read their story! I've also listened to a lot of AWOLnation, Bleachers, and Daughtry this week.

5. I have had absolutely no time to read this week, which always makes me sad. Marie Force's erotic trilogy The Quantum Series comes out over the next three weeks. She's putting out 3 books in 3 weeks. The woman is astonishing! I'm very excited that I will have turned in The Quelling Tide just in time to dive into her new series. I can't wait!

Okay, I'm going to jump back into The Quelling TIde. Dan and Fionna just got to the Erotic Museum in Paris. Oh! Did I just say that? I better go before I let anything else slip. I hope you have an outstanding weekend! I'll be finishing up Quelling Tide and hopefully starting my spring cleaning! My house is looking rough and I have the urge to scrub and organize. This urge doesn't come on me very often, so I try to take advantage when it does! <3
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