Spring Cleaning - Romance Author Style!

April 14, 2015
So, as many of you know I completed the first round of edits on The Quelling Tide, Sunday evening. It went off to my editors yesterday. This is the last book in The Gifted Realm Series, and I'll admit I spent a great deal of time yesterday thinking about where the series carried me, what it so generously bestowed on me, and where I was going from here.

I, of course, have lots and lots of other books in the works, but The Gifted Realm is where it all began. I poured my heart and soul out into all 7 of those books. I always try to bestow a piece of my soul in every book I write, this was just my first experience sharing so much of me with the world.

For the next week or so, while I'm waiting on content and line edits to come back on Quelling TIde, I'll be working on my new series set to debut this summer - Gypsy Beach. I'm so excited to introduce you to this locale. These will all be stand-alone books. You won't need to have read one to read the next, but they will all take place on Gypsy Beach. Thus far I can say, this series is going to be HOT, sexy, and the perfect beach read!

When I'm not editing Gypsy Beach or writing the novels that will follow, I plan to actually spring clean my space. I say space instead of home because I want to go deeper than just my home. I want the space that my family occupies to be cleansed. Many, many experts have said that a messy bedroom means far less passion exists there. I truly believe this! Nobody feels all that sexy when they're staring down a mountain of clothes in the floor, overflowing trash bins, and drawers hanging open. I'm applying this lesson to my entire house. I'm cleaning, organizing, and disposing of things that get in the way of love, and passion, and creativity.

So, I thought I'd share my "Things To Get Rid Of:" list with all of you. We can organize together and have way more time for reading!! That's always a good thing! And also more time having fun, enjoying our kiddos, enjoying our spouses or loves, and have more time to live instead of just existing.

Here we go. What I'll be removing from my space or cleaning up this week:

1. Books - Okay, I'm an author. Getting rid of books is very, very difficult for me. Obviously, I love them!! I love the way they smell, look, and feel in my hands. I love the weight of them. On the other hand, I am a big believer in the "If you want to write read heavily in your genre" writing theory. As an author, I'm often given copies of other writer's works as publisher's promotions. I could stock several shelves at Barnes and Noble with my own collection. Some of them I will read again. Some of them just make me smile, and some of them I haven't read yet. Those will stay lovingly tucked in my office chest or on the many bookshelves they occupy. However, if it wasn't my favorite story, or I just know I'll never really read it, I need to pass it on to someone that will.

2. Makeup and Hair Products - I love makeup! I love beauty products of all kinds. I love them, but again, I own far more than I will ever use. Or I did try it and it just didn't work for my skin. They all need to be deposited in the trash. They're taking up space for products that allow me to love the body I live in!

3. Kitchen Utensils - Ever really gonna use that knife set that your parents received from your Great Aunt Sally when they married? Really? Do you really need 417 spatulas and wooden spoons? I'm thinking I don't, so I'm moving them on. My drawers need to breathe.

4. Magazines - Again I have an all-consuming addiction to the written word. I want to keep all of my magazines because that one had that one article that I thought had an interesting line. And this is how dozens upon dozens of beauty mags, writers review mags, craft mags, and news journals take over my home. Some of them need to go. If there is an article I can't live without, I can remove it and add it to page protectors in a binder where I can combine all of them and keep them handy.

5. My Car - No, I'm not getting rid of my SUV, but it desperately needs to be cleaned out! It's loaded down with Starbucks cups, empty water bottles, and other general trash. I exist in that space. I want to smile when I get in my car. It needs to be loved just like everything else.

6. Bags - Am I the only one that has a vast collection of free makeup bags and totes from store gifts and giveaways? They've taken over my closet. No one can use fourteen dozen make-up bags! They need to go.

7. Junk Drawer Paraphernalia - You know it's unlikely that I will ever need 387 twist ties. My sons use the rubber bands to assault one another, and they tend to turn the paperclips into odd wire creatures that they use for battle. Not that I want to stifle their creativity or anything, but most of what has been shoved in our beloved "junk drawer" is just that - junk!

8. Computer Clutter - Again, definitely NOT getting rid of my beloved Mac. I named her, after all! She's adorned with a tie-dyed dream catcher sticker. I've poured my soul out through my fingertips on her keyboard. I've cried on her when my characters were going through tough times, but she deserves a little clean up, too! The 30,000 emails need to be deleted, filed, or dealt with. All of those files that exist but aren't used, need to go, and my work needs to be sorted and organized. My hard drive needs to breathe too!

9. Socks, gloves, scarves, and hats that will never be worn - This seems obvious, but my front hall furniture is full to bursting with items that won't be worn come next winter.

10. Coffee Stuffs - People know I love coffee. I mean, I LOVE coffee! However, there are bags we'll never drink, K-cups that came in sampler packs that we'll never use, filters from old coffee makers we don't even own anymore, mugs that don't make me smile, and other coffee-ish items that need a new home, one that loves them. My smile will be even bigger when I don't have to dig through it all to fix a cup of my beloved java!

Okay, I'm off to start Gypsy Love and to start giving every item in my home a sacred space. If I don't have a sacred space for it, it probably needs to go make someone else smile. That leaves me more energy, more love, and more time to do the things that make me smile - like write! <3

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