The Random Friday Five!!

April 17, 2015
Hooray! It's Friday afternoon! That means it's time for the Random Friday Five. It's one of my very favorite parts of Friday and Friday is my very favorite day of the week, so I'm excited!

For those of you who might be new to the RFF (that's Random Friday Five) let me explain. Each Friday afternoon I delve deep into the randomness that is my brain. I try to give you a little glimpse into what I've been up to this week but you never really know what I might pull out of my... hat! ;) It's occasionally less than PG. There's often talk of music, and coffee is always involved. Are you frightened? Don't be. I'm relatively harmless unless you try to take my coffee. Try it! You'll like it! Ready? Let's go...

1. Okay, so this week I sent The Quelling Tide off to my editors. I finished the rewrite on Gypsy Beach, and today I finally got to start Gypsy Love! You know I've written a countless number of books, though several of them haven't been published just yet. I still always get this giddy, excited, butterflies in my stomach, feel when I start a new novel. I honestly hope that feeling never goes away. I hope I'm still equal parts elated and nervous when I start my 150th novel. It's such a magical feeling. I love it, and I love when I pass the 1000th word mark, and we're on our way to a new and very sexy adventure!

2. This week I also tried my hand at a little stenciling. Nothing big just a few letters on a chalkboard. It wasn't a total disaster as all of my craft projects generally are, but it wasn't necessarily great either. I swear I am the least crafty person on this planet. All of my creativity is apparently narrative. At some point, I'll discuss the throw pillows I once attempted to sew for our bed. Epic. Disaster! I think at one point I sewed my sleeve to the pillow! I need to just stick with words and my computer. That I can do. If it involves a sewing machine, glue gun, or the word "scrapbooking" I need to back away to a safe distance and leave that to those of you that can do that kind of thing! Trust me!

3. Like I said, I finally started Gypsy Love today, and so far I'm loving it! John and Arley's romance will be extremely hot and there is a depth to both of these characters that I feel like evulsed from my soul. I can't wait to see where they take me. As you know I am a pantster (meaning my writing comes by the seat of my pants and then I rewrite) instead of a plotter (someone that plans out each and every part of the manuscript before they begin.) I love that I never know exactly where the story will land me. I always have the final scene and often the final words in my mind while I'm writing. I think you do have to know where you're heading, but I want the characters to stand up on their own and start to run. I just want to follow along and record everything that happens for them.

4. In light of me sinking deep into Gypsy Love, I've been listening to my Gypsy Love playlist relentlessly this week. Lots of Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtery, Imagine Dragons, and John and Arley's first love scene will be quite intense, think Rhianna, Roc Me Out. ;)

5. Okay, so I have this thing. I, just like all of you, have several authors that are my absolute faves. I mention them often on the blog, but I still have this thing. Two of my favorite authors put out books this week. I downloaded both of them, but I haven't read them yet. I'm nervous. I know that's insane, but I always have to force myself to try new things. My natural inclination is to go back to something I already know that I will love. Crazy, right? It occurred to me that some of you might be nervous about diving into The Gifted Realm for similar reasons. You know, if a friend of mine vows that the book was fantastic, I relax and dive in. So, if you love my Realm, tell somebody! It makes that whole blind-date/what if something happens I don't like/what if they don't like garlic/ I'm not sure I could be with someone that doesn't like garlic thing totally disappear. This is good for all of us authors that long to tell you a fantastic story!

All right, I'm going to get back to John and Arley. They might've done something while I was gone. Characters! You can't leave them alone for a moment. Tomorrow, I'm attending a writer's workshop with none other than Tami Cowden! I can't wait! I'll get to be with several of my very favorite people that also happen to be Romance authors, and I'll get to learn from one of the greats! At some point this weekend I need to get our laundry caught up, and we're almost out of my favorite coffee. This is very serious, people! When I'm not handling that crisis, I will be with John and Arley. I also plan to spend a little quality time with my studly hubby and our rug rats! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I'll see you back here Monday! <3

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