She's a Rule Breaker!!

May 21, 2015
So, in just a few days, the final book of The Gifted Realm series, The Quelling Tide, will be released. This series was obviously life changing for me. My entire career launched with, Within the Realm, but you know there is a whole lot about this series that breaks so, so, so many rules.

Which rules, you ask. Well, that would be the unspoken "rules" of the Romance genre. Things are always changing, but there are a few gold standards that a few of us took a chance on. It does seem to be paying off.

Today, I thought I'd share with you just a few of the rules I broke with this series. I, personally, think the works were all the better for my literary rebelliousness.

1. Couples are not supposed to get married within the series.

- Yep, so I broke this one over and over again. I'm pretty sure most of those wedding and especially those wedding night scenes made the series a very enjoyable read! ;)

2. There should not be more than two narrators.

- As you know, we skip around between several guys and they all help tell you their story and the interwoven plot line as a whole. I absolutely love the perspectives you get from all of my characters and how all of them might see the same thing very differently. Perspective is everything!

3. The virgin hero is a no, no.

- Though he certainly did not remain virginal long, Rainer did start out that way. You don't see that done too often outside of the YA/NA subgenre. I also spanned subgenres which is another no, no. There is quite a difference in Rainer and Emily and Dan and Fionna which comes from their age and life experience. Often times people start the series not thinking it's all that sexually explicit. I usually tell them to read til they get to Dan Vindico and then to get back to me!! ;)

4. Graphic fight scenes in Romance are occasionally frowned upon but not as much as they used to be.

-Yeah that scene between Dan and Cascavel, or the one with Rainer and Uncle Stan, or the entire Wretchkinsides meet up at the Tantra, those are all a little graphic and gritty.

5. Shifting Antagonists

- So, in the first six books we know who we're after. In the seventh, we don't. And that's just part of what makes the concluding book so gripping!

I hope you read and enjoy the entire series! From the first word to the last, I tried desperately to tell you the story of this group of men that want so badly to do what's right. It doesn't always work out for them. They are all what we call very flawed heroes, but I, personally, think that's what makes them feel so real! :)

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