The Random Friday Five!!

May 22, 2015
So, we have come to one of my very favorite times of the week, Random Friday Five time!! For those of you new to the RFF, this is the time each week where I give you a frightening glimpse into the randomness that is my brain. Even I really never know what I might say. I'm a Romance writer so occasionally it's on the dirtier side, but I try to keep it relatively "my kid is reading over my shoulder" safe.

Shall we dive into the RFF? Let's...

1. First, Happy Memorial Day! Do you have fun plans for this long weekend? I want to take this moment (and I'm sure I'll do this again Monday) to thank all of our service men and women! My baby brother (okay so he's 30 but still) is a Gunnery Sgt. in the USMC, and his lovely wife just recently retired from the Corp. To both of them and all of their brothers and sisters in arms I extend a thank you, which never feels like enough. 

2. If you follow me on Facebook, then you probably saw my post about my Keurig dying in the middle of the week. If you know of my extreme coffee addiction, you would understand the seriousness of this issue. Well, because our maker was barely 5 months old, Keurig did send us a replacement model. It arrived yesterday. The days between I made coffee the old fashioned way. You know with a pot and not a pod. Anyway, we followed the instructions for running water through the new maker numerous times, and then this morning, we made coffee -- that tasted like shit. {Sorry, did I mention that I occasionally have a dirty mouth?} Anyway, the coffee tasted like plastic. So, I ran more water, and more water, and more water through it. After that, we had decent coffee. However, by my 3rd cup this morning, (I told you I was addicted) the plastic taste had returned. By my afternoon cup it's worse! Frankly, I'm pissed off. Coffee is my life's blood. Well, coffee and words, but that's another post altogether. I NEED good coffee! It is a necessity.

3. Okay, so back to it being Memorial Day Weekend. {Random, remember.} I think that by this weekend every year I'm so confused about life that I kind of forget that people do things to celebrate it like have BBQ's and get togethers. I'm usually caught up in the completely exhaustive whirlwind of school ending, teacher's gifts, summer plans for my children which I am incapable of making before, like, now, what we're going to have for dinner, and which of the three books I'm supposed to be working on at this moment. Our extended families so thoughtfully invite us over and it takes me a minute to understand why. DH usually chuckles and says, "Memorial Day, babe." Please understand that I tend to get completely immersed into the world and the story which I am currently writing. The real world doesn't get a lot of my attention. So, while I enjoy getting together with family and friends, my characters are usually talking in the background of my brain, constantly. Sometimes, I have a little trouble staying on track with the convo going on in reality because there's another one going on in my brain that I need to hear for the story. Currently, I am completely, utterly, helplessly, and obsessively immersed in Gypsy Heat. I will try to make it through the weekend festivities, but my brain is in a tiny little bohemian beach town in North Carolina with Grady and Nadya who are oh so hot for one another! They're scorching my laptop, just wait til they get to your Kindle!

4. My poor youngest just limped upstairs and fell onto the couch. Poor guy has grown like five inches in the last few months. I swear, every morning when he wakes up, he's taller and his voice is deeper. The growing pains are endless, and it breaks my heart. Being that I never even made it past five feet, I really can't empathize, but when my babies hurt, it kills me!

5. Speaking of Grady, from Gypsy Heat, I'm still crazy in love with the new Mumford and Sons album, Wilder Mind. Every time I hear Broad Shouldered Beast, I grin. That is a very good description of Grady Havens. I also hear parts of Grady's soul in Snake Eyes, Just Smoke, and Believe. I'm still playing Smoke and Mirrors from Imagine Dragons like I'm being paid, too. I just love it when the music carries me to the story and vice versa.

Okay, I'm going to go try to make a decent cup of coffee and to get one or two more chapters finished before my stud-muffin gets home. I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Remember that The Quelling Tide, book 7 of The Gifted Realm, comes out Tuesday!! I can't wait!! I'll "see" you next week!
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