July 28, 2015

Last week over 2,000 authors of the Romance variety descended on New York City for 3 days love, laughter, and learning. I had an absolute ball and met almost all of my very favorite authors. Don't worry. I tried to keep my fan-girling under control and to remain professional. Trust me, I was squealing on the inside! 

So, first we landed here. See pic to your left.



Then we hit the hotel right in the middle of Times Square. The cab ride was... uh... lets go with eventful! 

I met and talked with her. She is, first of all, brilliant and so incredibly kind. I've always been a HUGE fan of her work, so I'm not certain that I managed to sound competent, but I tried.


I talked with her again while I talked with ALL of these authors. It was a panel of my very favorites. I was inspired, invigorated, and also had a little indigestion. Breakfast was a little greasy. TMI I know. 


DH and I understood very quickly that the neon lights were indeed oh so bright on Broadway. Thank you to the Marriott for black out curtains. 

We met friends for dinners! Yum. That was shrimp on cauliflower. The sauce was out of this world. And the Merlot. Oh the Merlot. 

I also met these fabulous women! I went into the conference adoring Jennifer Probst. I met and talked with her endlessly and fell even more in love with her. She brought wine to her session. She is my new hero. 

DH took me here. My favorite store, and this is the one on 5th Avenue! I wanted to move in. They have so many pretty things. They had to ask me to leave. Not really. Well, maybe a little.


And then there was this! Oh this! The Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center. That would be their lobster sushi and their heirloom tomato caprese salad. I was in heaven. It was absolutely delicious! 

After dinner (and 2 glasses of the best red blend) they brought me coffee. But not just any coffee. No, they brought the french press to the table, prepared the coffee, and then left it with me. {Swoon} I considered proposing. Not the the waiter or the chef, but to the coffee itself. 

This delectable cheesecake complete with cherry gelato came with the coffee. I can only think of one other thing you get to experience in life better than this meal. ;) 

And Saks 5th Avenue. {Swoon}


New York was absolutely amazing. The food alone was astounding, but seeing old friends, meeting new ones, talking to my favorite authors, and spending the week with my very favorite guy made it a magical week. I loved every minute of it. I also loved my baby boys flying into my arms when we arrived home. My grandmother always used to say, "Go out into the world occasionally, Jillian, see what there is to see, but always come home for love."


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