The Random Friday Five!!

February 5, 2016

It's Friday afternoon. Woohoo! Mama is so very ready for the weekend. Mainly, I'm ready to sleep. Let me explain-

Before we dive into my exhaustion, I feel the need to explain the Random Friday Five itself. Every Friday afternoon, I give you a glimpse into the random insanity of my head.

I know. It's frightening, but I promise I won't let you get too lost in there. Just hang on tight. All will be well. 

1. Okay, so my tiredness -- I'm one of those people that loves and adores sleep. Sleep is one of my nearest and dearest friends. We've been close for years and years. If it weren't for the Stud I might marry my bed or maybe my coffee maker. I don't know. That would be a photo finish deciding between them.

Anyway, last Saturday morning, I was all set to get caught up on sleep after finishing Austin's novel last week. Well, about 5:45 one of our smoke detectors decided to alert all of us that it would like new batteries. Sigh.

Of course, we didn't have any appropriately sized batteries, so my poor Stud got in the car and went to buy batteries at 6 in the morning. He returned and set to change the battery that had now been chirping annoyingly for the last half hour. Only, if you take the battery out of one of our smoke detectors every single detector in the house goes off in a contagion of howling shrills. By the time that was over, we were all up and not going back to sleep.

Monday through Wednesday night didn't go much better for one reason or another. Let's just say, I'm existing on coffee and a prayer at this point. 

2. Normally, when I finish a novel, especially one as in-depth (read: hot and dirty) as Austin's it takes me a few days before I'm ready to dive into the next one. That was not the case this time. Nope. Another Camden brother was rip roaring and ready to go with his story. Insistently and impatiently he kept me from sleeping and drew way over 12,000 words from me in 3 days time. Those Camden boys, I tell you what, they are something else. I'm loving every moment I spend in Pleasant Glen on the ranch with all of them.

3. Okay, so are you a Gilmore Girls fan? I will readily admit to loving all things Lorelei, Rory, and Stars Hollow. Their coffee addiction speaks to me. I completely understand it. Anyway, are you excited about the reboot? I can't wait! Apparently Logan is returning as well. I personally was a "Dean" fan, but that could be because of Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. I have a huge Jensen Ackles thing. Anyway, even without Dean I cannot wait to head back to Stars Hollow. Lorelei and Luke forever!

4. Apparently there's some kind of big football game this weekend. He he. Kidding, I'm kidding. Who are we rooting for? I truly have no dog in the fight, so I'll let you tell me. I do know a bunch of my romance author friends will be live tweeting the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Check out Twitter to see their "take" on muscle bound men in tight pants. I might be joining in. ;) We'll have to see.

More important than the game itself would be what are you eating during the game? Snack-y football food sounds good to me right about now. Maybe the Stud and I should get some wings tonight. 

5. And next weekend is my very favorite holiday! Valentine's Day is coming up. Do you have plans? Do you do candles, lingerie, chocolate, or are you more sweatpants, cuddling, pizza? I have to stay I prefer the staying in on Valentine's to the going out. Either way I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating love. 

All right, I'm going to make more coffee so I don't fall asleep in my dinner plate. Have a wonderful weekend! We're painting our den. That should be thrilling, right? Yeah, I didn't really think so either, but it must be done. 


Your heavily caffeine-infused romance author friend


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