Let's Talk About Love, Ba-by!!

February 11, 2016

See that guy in the picture there. He's sitting by that girl with the "stuck her finger in an electrical socket" hair look going on. Pardon me for a moment while I deeply lament that "look."

Okay, I'm back.

For the past 22 years, he's been my Valentine. Since we started dating Spring Break of 1994 it's not quite 23 years, but we only missed it by two months. 

Being a lover of all things 'love' I have always been a HUGE Valentine's Day fan. This year is no different. The stud and I have come up with many varied ways to celebrate my favorite holiday depending on finances, babysitter availability, work schedules, location configurations, and star alignments. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Over the past 22 (almost 23) years, I can think of a few Valentine Day's that stood out among the others. They aren't the ones that were textbook romantic by a long shot. Sometimes, it's the most imperfect moments of life that are the sweetest. 

So, in relative order according to which one my brain lands on first, here are my very favorite Valentine memories with the Stud. 

1. I was still in high school when the Stud went off to college. {Gasp!} Here's another fact people find shocking-- We dated three and a half years, long distance, without cell phones, with high long distance rates, only seeing each other a weekend here and there, and never once broke up. When God gives you your guy you hang on with all your might. 

So, on that first Valentine's that he was away at school I was admittedly a little bummed. All my friends got to spend the day of love with their loves. The kissing at the lockers seemed sweeter. My girlfriends were called up to the office to pick up roses by the dozens throughout the day. I was sure the Stud would do something, but I knew he was definitely on a college budget surviving on Ramen just to pay the phone bill so we could talk. Who was I to complain?

Well, in 7th period my name was called to the office. Delighted, I raced out of Geometry. See, he even planned the delivery to get me out of math. He's magical I tell you. Anyway, I rushed to the office to find a massive bouquet of beautiful deep red roses and a note from the Stud telling me how much he missed me... oh and to meet him in the student parking lot because he'd come home to surprise me!!!! Yeah, that still makes me swoon. 

2. I delivered both of our sons a few weeks after Valentine's Day on the respective years of their births. This means that on two V-days I was so huge I couldn't see my feet, couldn't get food to my mouth because most of it fell on my belly, and was generally crabby and miserable. Both times he managed to make me forget my overall misery and celebrate the fact that our love had created our children. 

3. The Valentine's Day after our youngest was born, we stared down each and every day in the throws of the youngest with horrific colic/reflux issues. Read: He cried constantly and never slept. And the oldest going through batteries of psychological tests because of developmental speech and small motor skill delays. I had never been so completely worn, mentally depleted, and utterly defeated. 

I burst into tears at dinner that night because I had forgotten Valentine's Day. How had I possibly forgotten my favorite holiday? Who was I anymore? There were several years there when I couldn't answer that very question. Through it all, he stood right beside me, held me up when I couldn't stand on my own, and promised to be right beside me the entire time. You know what? He's always kept that promise. Never faltered, even once. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. 

4. Let's see here, in the last decade he's taken me to see a decidedly not guy-approved movie on Valentine's. (One with sparkly vampires.) It was at that movie that I decided maybe the sparkly vampires had been overdone, and I was a little weary of them. Maybe. 

5. Then there was the Valentine's Day we were engaged where he willingly and without complaint watched the Anne of Green Gables movies with me. He's just that good. Don't worry though I have willingly and without complaint watched every single Batman movie repeatedly, seen all of the Star Wars movies (even the horrible ones that the Stud prefers to pretend do not exist), and every episode of Star Trek Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. All's fair in love you see. 

This Sunday is another Valentine's Day. Not sure what we'll do, but probably not much. We're in the middle of getting our house ready to sell, moving, and both of our work schedules are crazy right now. I do know it will be magical because I'll be with him and that will make it perfectly imperfect.


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