The Gifted Realm: Academy Serial Series!!!

January 16, 2017

I am so thrilled to formally announce that we have decided to launch the second Gifted Realm series, The Gifted Realm: Academy, as a weekly serial right here on my website.

Here are a few questions I've fielded about the new series: 

What does that mean exactly?

It means every Wednesday starting tomorrow, January 18, 2017, a weekly installment of Dan Vindico, Rainer Lawson, and ALL of those stud-ly Haydenshire boys will be available to be read. They can also be delivered to your inbox each and every week. If you would like alerts when there is more story, you can sign up at the bottom of this blog post.

Why did you decide to release this series as a serial instead of books?

The Realm is truly the perfect serial story. It has a large cast of characters, lots of intricate plot twists and cliff hangers, and there really aren’t any good stopping points. If the serial goes well, I can keep it going for years.

It also is not a traditional romance. Although there is lots and lots of sexy sexiness and everyone ultimately gets a Happily Ever After, most of the couples are together at the beginning of the series and the plot is more about the couples working together to solve the mysteries.

Because I have two current more-traditional romance/erotic romance series I’m in the middle of and a new series we’re launching later in the year, this allows me to keep up with my publishing schedule AND share more Realm with all of you.

Will The Gifted Realm: Academy be just as sexy as the original series?

You bet you’re a$$ it will! Oh, now is probably a good time to tell you that there will also be language, just like the first series. I rarely read books without lots of sexy, and I never write them without it. I consider it an integral part of all of my character’s stories. So, yes, there will be sex scenes!! Lots of them!

How do I read the new series?

Each Wednesday morning there will be a new chapter posted right here on You can log on each week and read. I will post updates and reminders on Twitter and Facebook when there is a new post. You can also sign up to receive an email each time there is a new chapter available. All published chapters will always be available on my website so if you miss a week you can go back.

As a special treat, you can follow Garrett Haydenshire’s (one of the main characters of this series) ever-snarky but oh-so-sexy Twitter account @GiftedGarrett. He’ll tell you all about the posts, what he thinks of what’s going on in the story, and might even give you a few insider tips as to what’s coming next. Hey, maybe you can even get him to show off his inviable abs, on occasion. You never know what Garrett might do.

Do we have to pay to read?

The Academy series is run totally off of coffee and donations. You are free to enjoy each and every week without any cost to you at all. But if you want to buy me a Mug o’ Joe via a donation, I won’t turn you down.

I didn’t read the first series. Will I still know what’s going on?

There was a ton of world-building in the first series, but tomorrow’s post will cover all the things you’ll need to know about The Gifted Realm and ALL of the characters. The re-cap guide will be available with each and every post so if you need to reference it that won’t be a problem.

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