The Random Friday Five!!!

February 10, 2017

We made it to Friday! Yay! Mama's tired so I'm more than ready for the weekend. 

Have you had a good week?

I hope so. 

It's been a busy week around here. 

Are you ready to get your Friday randomness on? I say let's get to it. It will summon the weekend faster. I'm convinced. 

1. Last weekend we attended the funeral of my husband's aunt. It was a beautiful celebration of her long vibrant life. As sad as we were we did enjoy getting to visit with extended family that we don't see very often. I promise I am not in any way trying to take away from the event I'm just telling you about what happened. Stick with me here. Okay, so if you've been reading my blog for any length of time you probably know I have a thing for shoes. I love them all. Flip-flops, cowgirl boots, and stilettos. Well, I decided to wear my very favorite pair of black heels to the service. When your husband is a foot and a half taller than you, you make up for the difference when you can.

Normally, I have no trouble walking in heels, but the graveside service was a bit of an all-terrain event. You know where this is going, right? Yep, me and my incredibly klutzy self wiped out in the dirt when I accidentally stepped into a hole. If you read last week's Random Friday Five about my ill-fated trip to the grocery stores, you'll understand this is not unusual for me. Remember to love me anyway. 

But you should see my knee where I hit the ground. Picture a very long gash surrounded by gnarly black and purple where it bruised. Yeah. It ain't pretty. It will be a while before I slip into those heels again. For now, I'll stick to my favorite cowgirl boots.

2. Speaking of cowgirl boots, I am knee deep in Grant Camden's book Un-Hitched! I am in love with this story. Grant is a very sexy and deliciously demanding cowboy. Kaitlyn Sommerville, his heroine, is a bit of a city girl without a lot of experience wrangling either cows or wild cowboys. Trust me, the fireworks explode most every time they are together. I cannot wait for you to read it! 

3. Oldest son is completely and utterly obsessed with YouTube. I have to tell you I'm a little over it. However, one good thing is that he has been devouring all of the YA books by You-tubers. This is my child that isn't a big reader. Youngest puts away a book a day. But I have a harder time with eldest and reading. Well, he because obsessed with this one book in particular and wanted a pair of dragonfly glasses that the characters in the book wear. Always willing to help him embrace literature I ordered the glasses. The arrived yesterday. 

I'm chalking this up to slight teenage insanity. See, the lenses are made of some kind of weird prism-glass. He can't see when he wears them. Yet, he keeps wearing them. He's walked into walls. Tripped over his own feet. And almost fell up the stairs. Mr. Neal promptly banned them on the steps. I feel certain this is a phase. And I remember doing things like this as a teenager myself. Sacrificing personal safety for looking cool. All I can really do is warn him before he collides with furniture and hope this phase passes quickly. 

4. We're still ordering in things for our new house. Yesterday, they delivered a tiny bookshelf I wanted for beside my desk. I put all of my reference and research books on it so they're at arm's reach when I'm working. Well, while I was putting it together yesterday afternoon, I finally figured out the ending of Grant and Kaitlyn's book. Now, I'm convinced building bookshelves helps me plot. So, if you have any bookshelves you need help assembling I'm your girl. This may not be what helped with the ending, but I'm not taking any chances.

5. So, what are you up to this weekend? I'm still trying to catch up from our big move so I will be working all weekend. I'm trying desperately not to have to delay any release dates on books for this year. We'll see if I manage it. I do plan on sleeping in tomorrow but after that I must write all the words. I also need to work on The Gifted Realm: Academy, the new online serial. Have you been reading? Are you enjoying? So far I think I like this chapter a week thing. 

All right, it is that time where I sign off for the weekend. Read something sexy for me! And snuggle with someone who makes you smile. 


You favorite klutzy and bruised romance writer 

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