The Random Friday Five!!!

February 24, 2017

I'm Random Friday Five-ing a little early today. Being early for something is a little odd for me but I'm going with it. 

We went out of town on a quick jaunt (I love that word) last weekend and the boys were out of school Monday so my week has been kind of weird. 

Not that I ever have completely normal weeks ever. (See the rest of my Random Friday Five posts.) 

Anyway, are you ready to get your weekly randomness on? I think I am. I've had coffee and I'm currently drinking Dr. Pepper, so if I'm not ready I'm at least caffeinated. 

Let's do this. 

Five random thoughts that pop into my head this lovely Friday afternoon.

1. The weather in Atlanta the past few days has been shockingly spring-like, which is great except that it's February. They're even talking about high pollen counts down here in the South. Again, it's only February. My windows are open. This is weird, folks. My brain is confused. I have a deep desire to plant flowers, and grill burgers, and eat outdoors. I keep thinking summer is just around the corner, and then I panic because I'm so far behind on the books due out this year. But summer isn't actually right around the corner. (Please, just tell me it isn't.) That doesn't make me any less behind, but it does make me feel a little better. 

2. It is so hard for me to believe that we've only been living in our new house for 7 weeks. It feels like we've been here for months and months, which I guess is a good thing. It definitely feels like home. Now, if I could just actually get around to putting things on the walls and maybe decorating a little, we'd be in business. I'll eventually get to it. It's just listed after all of the books I'm behind on that I mentioned in #1. 

3. As some of you know way back in January (that was like a year ago, right?) we launched an online serial of the second Gifted Realm series. The Gifted Realm: Academy. I must say I have so enjoyed diving back into that world while I'm also writing the Camden Ranch series. I bounce from sexy Gifted police to hot and dirty cowboys, and I cannot believe how insanely lucky I am that this is my job! I think I have to forgive the universe for those terribly awkward middle school years where my bangs were molded with Aqua Net straight up off of my skull like some kind of odd horn, and I, for some very odd reason, believed acid washed, tight rolled jeans were a good look on my very short legs. The universe totally made up for it with my job. 

4. Tomorrow, we are celebrating Mr. Neal's birthday! (It was Tuesday.) Since I love to spoil him, I'm excited to prepare a few of his favorite foods and desserts. Here's the thing though - he's not big on being the center of attention. He really doesn't like having people make a fuss over him. I have to temper my excitement a little. It's a delicate line. I do my best. 

5. What have you been reading this week? I've bounced around from sexy cowboys, to a gynecologist, to race car drivers. Lots of sexy to go around. I loved them all! 

Okay, I'm going to head back to Camden Ranch and see what Grant and Kaitlyn are up to. Their book will be out in just a few weeks! (And by a few I mean several. Like 8 probably. You know just forget I said this. It makes me nervous.) Just trust me when I say that Grant Camden might just outdo both of his brothers in the rough, rugged, demanding cowboy contest, if there were such a contest. I'm pretty sure there isn't. 

Anyway, I'm going back to writing. You have a wonderful weekend! And read something sexy for me. 

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