The Random Friday Five!!!

March 3, 2017

It's Friday afternoon! Hooray! Truthfully, this week has gone by so fast it seems like it was Monday about six hours ago but that could be because I've locked myself in my writing cave and won't let myself out until Un-Hitched is complete. 

Okay, okay, so I have come out occasionally. The coffee maker is in the kitchen so obviously I have to go downstairs to get coffee. 

And food. 

Oh, and Girl Scout cookies because that crack is in our pantry, and I have precious little will power when I spend my days typing until I need to prop my eyelids open with Samoas. They have holes in them so they work better than Thin Mints for the purpose of seeing. 

See, I'm clearly delirious. I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. 

Let's get to the party of Friday randomness. It will be good for me. Or it will give you something to laugh about. And I'm good with either. 

Ready for 5 extremely random thoughts that happen to be floating around in my brain?

Let's go ...

1. Our Disney World tickets arrived this week! I am so freaking excited. The Romance Writer's Association conference is there this year, and I'm taking the whole fam with me. I cannot wait! All of my favorite writer peeps, plus Mickey, plus it will be my 20th wedding anniversary!!! We went to Disney on our honeymoon all those years ago so this is going to be a very special trip back for us. 

2. Do you remember two months ago when we moved back to Atlanta from Hawaii? (If you don't, dig back in the blogs.) Anyway, one of the reasons we chose our new house was the sheer number of bookshelves it has. Seriously, it's like heaven. Now, I just need even more books besides the hundreds and hundreds we own to put on the remaining shelves. It's a sacrifice but someone has to buy more books, and I volunteer in tribute. Hey, I wonder if Hunger Games on the shelves yet. 

3. See that shelf in the picture above. That's one of the ones in my office. It's probably my favorite and not just because my books are on there. It's filled with so many books I love and so much sexiness. It just always makes me smile. 

4. My kids are out of school (again) next Friday and the following Monday. They were also out a Friday and a Monday like two weeks ago. Now, believe me, I love and adore my sons. I really do. But bored teenagers want me to take them all the places. Taking them all the places means I'm not working. Not working is not an option. Why exactly do they need to be out of school for two long weekends in three weeks? All of my sisters living in snowy lands whose kids are out for inclement weather, I bow to you and wish you warmth and sunshine and for your kids to be blessedly back in school. As for us into South, it is warm and non-snowy. And Mama's got to finish this book! And the five after that!


Need more coffee.



Kisses child who's just arrived home. 

Follows him to kitchen for coffee.

Attempts to throw a Cheez-it in my mouth. Misses and it lands in my cleavage. (Hazard of v-neck shirts.)

Thank God child is in pantry digging for snacks and does not see this.

I don't even know anymore. 

Pours coffee....

And I'm back. 

Number 5. Have I horrified you? I'm so sorry if I have. I have to be me. And apparently me is not coordinated enough to get small crackers in my mouth. I have to learn to live with this. Anyway, what are you coordinated people doing this weekend? I will be reading and writing. And then reading and writing. Oh, and also reading and writing. Not necessarily a bad way to spend a weekend. 

I hope you do something that makes you smile, and I hope you read something sexy. You can never go wrong with those two things. 

And I will see you back here next Friday afternoon!


Cheez-its in strange places 

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