The Random Friday Five!!!

March 17, 2017

It's Friday! Woohoo!! I'm dragging across the finish line because Daylight Savings Time always kicks my butt, but we have arrived!

Well done!

We're knee deep in birthday week around here (both of my sons birthdays were this week) so this is going to be a relatively short Random Friday Five. 

I've got to get ready for yet another birthday gathering for youngest. 

So, let's get started... 

1. I am to the part in Un-Hitched where the words flow faster than my fingers can type them. This is my favorite part. And it's a good thing I've finally reached that part because it's due to my editor very soon! Light a candle for me. I'll be working all weekend. 

2. For all of my writer cohorts who occasionally read my blog, my copy of Jennifer Probst's new book Write Naked arrived this week and can I just say, it is completely fabulous, as is most everything Jennifer does. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting her, you already know of her wit, wisdom, and candor. It flows through every page of this book. Go get your copy now! 

3. Speaking of Daylight Savings Time, could someone explain to me why one measly hour completely throws me off my game? I don't get it. I've been exhausted most of the week. The sheer amount of coffee I've had to combat the fatigue is probably illegal in most conservative states. What the heck? Mr. Neal assures me I will adjust. I'm not a particularly patient person when it comes to myself however. I need to adjust now!

4. Oh, I know! This is a new house story. So, if you didn't know, we moved into a new to us house back in January. So far, we love most everything about our new home. However, one little issue was the window in my new office. It's a fabulous window that looks out into a beautiful tree. As soon as everything blooms, I'll tell you what kind it is. Currently, I'm not sure.

Anyway, the top of the rectangular window has one of those half-circle shaped windows. Does that make sense? While I had blinds on the rectangle part the top had nothing to block the streaming sunlight. Now, normally I love sunlight in every possible way it can get to me. But, between the hours of about 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon the sunlight was blinding. I couldn't see my computer which makes this gig I've got going as a romance writer kind of difficult. 

So, Mr. Neal ordered me one of those accordion fan type covering things that cover those kind of windows, but still let most of the light in. They just diffuse it so it's not blinding. Perfection! Until this morning when I had my noise-cancelling headphones in blocking out everything but Grant Camden's playlist and I was in the middle of a hot and heavy scene that required my extreme attention. Trust me, sex scenes are some of the most difficult scenes we write. They're intense. Right in the middle of it, the window covering came crashing down right on top of my desk. 

I almost keeled over. I screamed. My heart beat so fast I was fairly certain it was going to come out of my chest. I said numerous curse words, some I didn't even know that I knew. I picked up my laptop and rocked it back and forth assuring it that it would be okay. I said four Hail Mary's and we're not even Catholic. I wondered if it's true that a healthy dose of fear can turn your hairs gray. 

Anyway, Mr. Neal promptly came to see what had happened and proceeded to use adhesive to rectify the blinds, and he used his big strong arms and a large mug of coffee to rectify me. All is well now. 

5. So, what are you doing this weekend? Youngest has a thing tomorrow with some friends but other than that I'll be spending the weekend with Grant and Kaitlyn on Camden Ranch. Must write all the words! 

I hope whatever you do that you have fun doing something that makes you smile. I'll see you back here next Friday! 



P.S. - I'm pretty sure that window shade was out to get me.  

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