The Random Friday Five!!

March 31, 2017

Oh my goodness, this has been quite a week! But it is indeed almost over. I can feel spring weekend in the air. Can you? Or maybe that's just the ever-present pollen I'm sensing. Not sure, but either way it is Friday afternoon! 

Are you ready for a bit of weekly randomness? The appropriate answer would obviously be - "I was born ready." But incase you weren't just grab a cup of coffee and settle in. We're all friends here. It will be fun. 

Let's do this -

1. Last night I got to meet one of my all time favorite authors on the planet. I love and adore her. In my mind I pretend that we're fab friends who discuss all things coffee, and recipes, and cowboys, together. Of course, she doesn't know me from Tom's house mouse, but that's neither here nor there. I have an active imagination. That's not weird, right? The appropriate answer here would obviously be - "No, that's not weird at all to have an imaginary friend well, well, well into your thirties. I mean, they totally shouldn't locate you a padded cell or anything." 

Thanks. Now I feel much better. Anyway, a few of you have probably heard of her. She's affectionately known as The Pioneer Woman to her gazillions of adoring fans. So, last night, I got to meet her and get a few books signed. She was just as fabulous as I always knew she would be, and I did refrain from telling her that I occasionally pretend we're good friends. I really only managed to gush, which seemed a far more appropriate thing to do. 

2. However, last night there was also a rather large section of Interstate 85 that completely collapsed due to a raging fire right here in Atlanta and there was also the ever so concerning threat of someone with red mercury being downtown that had Homeland Security shutting down the city. Yeah, it was a wild night in Georgia to say the least. I'm so very thankful no one was injured last evening and for all of our firefighters, first responders, and the department of transportation employees who handled the raging blaze so well. And trust me, Atlantans being thankful for the DOT is not something you'll hear about often. They are all rockstars and should be commended! 

And also I thought Red Mercury was some kind of Marvel villain or something. I had no idea it was a real thing. Perhaps I should spend less time imagining I'm friends with celebrities and pay more attention to explosives. On the other hand, I don't really have a need to know a great deal about explosives so I'll just stick with imaginary friends. There, I feel better. 

3. In other very exciting though slightly less explosive news, I sent Un-Hitched off to my editor Thursday. Every time an author sends a new manuscript off to their editor it's a little like leaving your precious baby at daycare for the first time. You worry, and fret, and want to just fix one more thing, and make the teacher (editor) listen to you go on and on about just how precious the child (book) is and how you love it. It's a process. It makes me nervous. What can I say? My characters become a part of me. I tend them and raise them and want them to be ready to go out and face the world. But when they leave my hands, I worry I might have failed them in some way. 

However, my phone rang at 10:00 last night. My editor's name popped up on the screen. I answered to hear - "Oh my God, this is phenomenal! The best damn book you've ever written and that is saying something!" 

So, yes, that was me you heard squealing last evening. I'm so relieved and thrilled, and I cannot wait for you to meet Grant Camden and Kaitlyn Sommerville. They are my precious babies you see. 

4. Now, you know what a book going off to the editor means, right? It means it's time to start thinking about the next book. Not to start writing mind you. Just to sit with the characters and ideas for a little while. Let them simmer. I'm very excited! I will be taking an ever so brief break from Camden Ranch and heading back to the shores of Gypsy Beach for the next book. And there will be plenty of details in the coming months, but I will give you a two word hint right this moment - Navy SEAL.

Are you grinning? I am grinning. Gypsy Beach is one fictional locale where the nights are hotter than the sun-drenched days! I cannot wait.

5. Of course there are other far less exciting things I'll be doing next week while Grant and Kaitlyn are being edited. Things like cleaning out closets, scrubbing bathrooms, spring cleaning in general, and organizing things. I am actually one of those weird people who kind of likes organizing things if I'm in the mood so this is only slightly less exciting, I guess. 

All right, I'm off to figure out something to cook for dinner. And to see my actual real-life precious children who might possibly have forgotten what I look like because I've been in the writing cave most of the week. Let's hope that's not the case. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do something fun! Read something sexy! Spring (and pollen) are in the air! 

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