The Random Friday Five

April 14, 2017

Hello, my loves! It feels like forever since I've done a Random Friday Five! Probably because it's been {mumbles under breath} weeks since I've done one. I did finish a book and plan a ginormous giveaway and sale in that time. Does that make it less awkward?

Probably not. 

Let's just look to the future, shall we? 

Yes, that sounds good. 

So, it is Friday afternoon so let's get our random on. 

Here we go.

Five random things that pop into my head. (Prepare yourselves. Perhaps make another put of coffee.) 

1. It is Easter weekend and if you celebrate, I wish you a very Happy Easter! To all of my Jewish friends I hope you had a lovely Passover! This weekend we will be doing all of the Easter things - church, egg hunts, ham-eating, gnawing the ears off of chocolate bunnies, macaroni and cheese making. Oh that's not a normal Easter thing? Well, you should really try it. It's one of my favorite parts! Me and pasta are very good friends. You could probably tell this if, say, right now you were able to see my thighs.

Moving on.

2. My boys are both teenagers, but I still make them Easter baskets. It just makes me smile, and they're always excited to get candy and books, which is standard Easter fare around these parts. Plus, my sweet mama made one for me until I moved out of the house. 

3. In book news, I did finished Un-Hitched and I believe I can officially say that it will be out on April 25th. My editors have promised it back to me by Monday. Yay! I cannot wait for you to read Grant and Kaitlyn's story. Oh my goodness I love it so freaking much! Grant Camden is just yummy and his Katy turns his entire world upside down! So much love. So much sexy, sexy love going on. I have now had three editors tell me this is the best book I've ever written. I deeply appreciate them caveating this with, and that is saying something! 

4. So, I ordered a thing. A thing I am very excited about. I ordered the thing and then went and joined a Facebook group about the thing. In this Facebook group, people keep discussing how ordering just one of this thing causes what they call a "rabbit hole" effect. This means that once you have one you want more. But this thing was kinda sorta pricy so I need to not want more. I just need it to accomplish the thing I ordered it for. It hasn't arrived yet, but now I'm a little scared. Hold me. 

What is the thing? you ask. It is a Chic Sparrow planner in leather with the engraving "Hippie Cowgirl" on it because those terms basically suit me to a T and they make my skirt fly up. I also ordered all of the inserts that I have been assured by the many authors who swear by these planners will make my life SO much easier and keep me organized. But I mean obviously the whole rabbit-hole effect won't happen to me. I'm totally not swayed by others. I'm my own person, man. But then there's the whole point I'm really trying to ignore - I saw two romance writers with this planner. I felt it in my hands. They said it would organize my writing life, my mommy life, be a soothing-balm to my muse, make my kids think I'm cool, and also scrub toilets for me. Okay, maybe not the last two things on my list, but I had to own one. It was fabulous. So, basically you can find me in Wonderland with Alice because I'm apparently headed there now. Of course, if I fall down the rabbit hole it will obviously be because I CHOSE to go down it. Right?

This is where you say, "Right, Jillian" And then you pat me on the head.

5.  In other news, I have a BIG, HUGE surprise for you on Monday. HUGE! Did you hear me? HUGE. Definitely the biggest giveaway we've ever done. This giveaway is packed with so many cool items and then covered in awesome-sauce and then dunked in a fantastic candy shell or something. Just go with it. Clearly, I have Easter candy on the brain. It would be bad to eat the candy I got for the boys before I even put it in their baskets, right? Anyway, next week has SO much going on, check back here Monday morning. You do NOT want to miss this! 

All right, I'm heading out to get prepped for this weekend and for next week. I'm going to be a busy girl! And soon I'll be able to write down all of the shiz I need to do in my fancy-schmancy-make my kids think I'm cool planner. Hmm, maybe I should order another one now. Kidding. I'm kidding. Maybe. 


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