The Random Friday Five!!

April 21, 2017

It's Friday!!! I'm so excited! And so ready to sleep in tomorrow. After I finish this blog, I will have logged over 75 hours of work this week, so Mama's ready for a break. 

As my youngest said this morning, "Wednesday felt like it should have been Friday." I could not agree more!

But anyway, it is time to get our Friday randomness on. Are you ready?

I am so ready!

1. So, we need to first discuss the ever important question of - Did you get a Unicorn Frapp from the Starbucks this week? I barely left the house this week so I did not, but I've been assured they are swirly, glittery, and tasty and those are all things I appreciate. We'll see if I score one this weekend. I'm more of a sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte kind of girl. I might have to stick with that. They're just so good. If you did have a Unicorn Frapp, what did you think? 

2. Now, the next even more important question - Have you gotten your copy of Forever Wild? It's on sale for a precious few days for only .99¢. Here's the link. Go get it NOW!! 

3. It is prom weekend here around Atlanta so every single teenage boy in our neighborhood was out washing his car. I thought that was so sweet and romantic in a high school kind of way. Although, I will admit when Mr. Neal takes my car to the carwash I find that romantic, too. Maybe I just have a thing for clean cars. Hmm... 

4. On Tuesday, Un-Hitched will be released! Eeeeeeeee!!!!!! I'm so excited! I love Grant Camden so much and the early reviewers have all pledged their undying love to this book and these characters. I'm so thrilled. I hope you all love it just as much as we did! 

5. We have a jam packed weekend. I'll be doing all the prep work for the Un-Hitched release and then working on my next book. I pitched and planned a lot this week with my editor. Three mini-series, ideas for more, a new series with another author, and the return to an old series. Trust me, I have plenty on my plate and there will be plenty of stuff to put on your e-readers! I'm so excited!!

Okay, I'm going to go see my family since I've been hidden away in my writing cave most of the week. I also need to fold clothes and make dinner. My glamorous author's life that I wouldn't change for the world! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Read something sexy for me!! 

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