The Random Friday Five!!

May 5, 2017

It's Friday afternoon!! Woohoo!! Here in Atlanta, the weather seems to have forgotten that it is May, so it's a cold, windy, rainy Friday afternoon. But it's Friday afternoon none the less. 

This week's RFF picture is from our time in Hawaii. On days like this I miss it a little more than I do on other days. ;) 

My week has been just a little crazy. I'm taking a class on writing faster according to your brain chemistry and personality makeup, learning a new writing software, and also starting a new book so my brain is slightly agitated with me. It's hanging in there, but it's definitely ready for the weekend. 

So, let's get on with this bit of Friday randomness proven to bring on the weekend a little faster. 

1. As I mentioned, I started a new book this week. It is not yet titled. And there are many secrets about it that I cannot yet divulge. I can tell you it is Natalie Camden's novel, and I am over the moon to be giving her, her HEA!!!! This book is going to rip my heart out. I just know. The best ones always do.

2. Do you like stickers? I love to put stickers in my Happy Planner. It just makes planning out my weeks so much more fun. Always makes me smile. Well, I found the cutest stickers ever! They're from Pumpkin Paper Co. Find them on Etsy! There's a pic of the ones I ordered on my IG and FB pages. I've placed two orders this week because they are just so freaking adorable. I'm in love! 

3. Mother's Day is next weekend. Guys, you have been warned. Call your Mama, celebrate your wife (whether she's a mama or not), send a card to Grandma, do all the things! The ladies in your life deserve it!

4. Okay, I know you've heard this song but it is my current favorite and it will be one of the many inspiration songs for Natalie's book. Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt! Go listen to it! So sweet and sexy and fun. 

5. So, my oldest son is quite the film maker. His final project for his film studies class is to write, shoot, and edit a short movie. Can I brag for just a minute? I promise I won't do it too long, but I am so proud of him! The script is really good. He's had all of his drama club friends in and out of my house for the last two weeks shooting scenes. It's really coming together. I can't wait to see the final project. 

Well, that brings us to the end of our Friday randomness. Did you see my FB Live last Friday? If you did, do you prefer having a Random Friday Five blog post or for me to do a FB Live? Having both is always an option. I just like to know what y'all are thinking. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be in the writing cave doing homework for my class. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I told someone I had homework? A very, very long time. I'll also be writing! Yay! 

Tomorrow night, I'm taking over my Facebook Reader Group page - The Naughty Nymphs. If you haven't joined, do that now! You don't want to miss this. Other than that, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you read something sexy! 

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