The Random Friday Five!!

May 12, 2017

We made it!

We have arrived at Friday afternoon. {dances around office}

On Wednesday, I wasn't certain we were going to make it to this point, but we did. Yay!

And now we can weekend. Well, in a few hours we can weekend, anyway. 

Are you ready to get our Friday randomness on?

I say let's do this. 

1. First, Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there. I hope you have a wonderful weekend where you feel loved and appreciated, even if you just show yourself a little love and appreciation. I told all of my boys what I really wanted was to get some writing done Sunday. We'll see if that happens. I received my Mother's Day gift early and they're all anxious for me to put it to use. I'm not a person who minds getting appliances for holidays. I love to cook so kitchen wares are always great gifts for me. This year, Mr. Neal and the boys replaced my Kitchenaid mixer that we sold before we moved to Hawaii. I am deliriously happy! 

2. I told you last week that I was taking a class on writing faster. Oh, my people, this class is amazing. It's really about working (writing) more effectively based on the chemistry of your brain. Now, I am an English major. The only chemistry I ever really understood was the kind Mr. Neal and I used to get involved in under the bleachers at our high school (and still engage in to this day) and the kind I frequently write into books. But this brain chemistry business is absolutely fascinating. However, my brain is just a touch on the tired side. I've done classwork, homework, worked on writing Natalie Camden's book, and learned new writing software all in the last two weeks. Mama either needs a nice bubble bath and a dirty book to read or a very large glass of wine and a swoon-worthy movie. I might indulge in both this weekend. 

3. Did I tell you that Natalie Camden's novel now has a title? I don't think I did. 

Drum roll please...

Natalie's book, the fifth book in the Camden Ranch series, shall be titled ...

Last Call!

I love it so much I might want to marry it if one could marry things like titles of books which one cannot do. Remember, my brain is tired. 

4. And there is a HUGE, GINORMOUS secret that will be at the end of Natalie's book. I'm saying nothing. But, oh baby, this is a doozy! Not even my street team knows and they know most everything. My sweet mama doesn't even know. Grumpy Cat, who has taken to hanging out on the front porch of our new house (I think he lives across the street officially but we like him here), even he doesn't know. No one knows. Okay, my editor and Mr. Neal know, but their lips are sealed. {insert maniacal laughter} 

5. We're supposed to wear a hat to church Sunday for Mother's Day. I'm assuming they're expecting me to wear a fancy hat and not the cowgirl hats that I have in spades. This means I have to go out and shop for a fancy hat. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like a hat. I love a cowgirl hat. But it requires me to leave my house and you know I'm kind of against that. I should probably seek counseling for that, but for now I'm just going with it. I learned in my class this week that it is because I am an extreme introvert. Okay, I already knew that, but it was confirmed yet again. So, if I were to write a blog about my hat shopping/purchasing experience I would title it "An Introvert takes on the Mall." Let's hope it will be a nice, fun short story and not a horror. 

Okay, that brings us to the end of my Friday randomness. I do hope you have a lovely weekend! Do something nice for yourself and men, if you're reading this do something nice for your mama and your wife! 

I love ya bunches, 

~ Mama 

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