The Random Friday Five!!

May 19, 2017

Okay, I'm going to break a mega-blogging rule. 

Prepare yourselves. 

My rebel soul would be giddy except it isn't because of the very thing I'm about to type (i.e. the rule I'm about to break.) It's confused, too, don't worry. 

Here we go.

Oh my Great Uncle George, I am so freaking tired! 

See, you're really not supposed to tell your readers you're tired because blogs should be entertaining and tiredness is simply not. But I try to tell it like it is. And today, I am just tired. 

Why am I so tired? Probably because my brain decided to wake me up at 3:30 this morning to think about the things. All the things. All the things I have to do, have to tell people, need to change, need to improve, need to do differently, the things I would tell people if my sweet mama hadn't taught me not to say things like that, what this book I'm working on needs, supreme doubt, how many Etsy orders in one week is too many, the origins of the universe, why my left big toe itches, just all the things. 

So, keep all of that in mind while you read this dose of Friday randomness. It may make precious little sense. Of course, I'm not sure it ever does make sense even when I've had a full night sleep and am highly caffeinated. Let's proceed with caution, shall we?

1. I have the most amazing friends in the world. I truly do. My husband is my best friend, but my girlfriends are amazing, too. One of them (the one whose known me since I was 5 and wore my hair in pig tails, the very one who held my hair back when I was sick on my wedding day and she still puts up with me) called yesterday to see if I wanted to do dinner and coffee tonight. Pretty sure she was sensing the insanity of my week. Everyone I've talked to this week has expressed craziness all the way around. It's May, I tell you. May is an exercise in demon, last-minute school projects, with a shot of finals, topped with - "Hey Mom, I know you have that job thing, but  I need you to bake one more batch of cookies for my class." Stick a fork in me I am done.

2.   I am still floored and so thankful for your response to Un-Hitched. I'm thrilled that you all loved Grant and Kaitlyn's story. That Grant Camden just has a way that always makes me smile. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, give this one a try. I love it to pieces! 

3.  You guys, I really do have a problem. Hi, I'm Jillian, and I am a planner-addict. I ordered another one. If you've been following this blog for any length of time you know this is like my fifth planner in the last six months. I have no planner-peace. I love my Happy planner (and stickers oh my goodness I love stickers) and it is highly functional, but what if there is another planner out there that is more functional? I have to know. At least that's what I tell myself. This time the planner I ordered was actually recommended to me based on my Myers-Briggs type. Now that does make my soul giddy! Do you know your MB type? Go find a test. They're all over the internet. Mind you, the one you pay for is far more accurate, but it might help you figure out why you do things the way you do them. 

Anyway back to my planner addiction - this planner is specifically for people with a very high N in their Myers Briggs type. My N is insanely high. (I'm a supreme weirdo. Trust me.) I can't wait for it to arrive. I'll tell you all about it once I try it out. I just checked my email because I'm anxiously awaiting an email about one of the things that kept me up last night. In my inbox was an email from Erin Condren announcing their new planners. Heaven help me.

4.  I was so in the weeds yesterday afternoon, I went to Target. Target is my medicine when I need to figure things out. There's a Starbucks. There are pretty things to see. My Target is ginormous so it never feels too crowded. They have a great book section. What more could a distressed writer with a bad case of May-ness want? Plus, my sweet Mama gave me a gift card for Mother's Day because she knows of my Target love. While I was there, I decided to grocery shop. I did get an adorable pen and pencil cup for my desk and a Gryffindor t-shirt, for when I need to channel Rowling, with my gift card. It made me feel better. However, I also got new toilet brushes for all of the bathrooms. Those did not make me feel better. Necessary but not so much fun. 

5. I've been searching for the perfect song for Natalie Camden's book, Last Call, (coming out this summer!) Today, I stumbled upon She Thinks She Needs Me by Andy Griggs. Oh my goodness. It was perfect! Sweet and sexy and I love his voice. You know I'm a lyrics person and this was just too perfect. It's on Natalie's playlist on Spotify if you want to hear it. 

All right, that brings us to the end of this week's Random Friday Five. I'm going to make more coffee. I'm also going to squeeze in another few thousand words before I go out tonight. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me! 

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