The Random Friday Five!!

June 9, 2017

Well, my loves, it is finally Friday! Or are summer Fridays different? Are the weeks more relaxed so Friday doesn't feel all that different from Monday? Inquiring minds want to know.

In the Neal household the first few weeks of summer are ... let's go with trying. 

Here, lets dig into this Random Friday Five, and I'll tell ya all about it!

1. Eldest desperately needs and thrives on a schedule. He loves the scheduling and interaction with all his peeps that school provides. Mom and Dad are far less entertaining when you're 16. And his parents aren't all that great at creating and enforcing schedules. I mean, I keep myself on a schedule (mostly) but making one for everyone in the house is a struggle for me. I need to figure out the best way to do this. He has some school work /tutoring he needs to be doing. He has some chores. He has some books he's supposed to read this summer. And he needs to get some exercise. I just have to translate all of that into a daily schedule. #HelpMe!

2. In other news, my birthday is next week! And in the spirit of celebrating, I'll be posting lots of fun stuff including giveaways. Make certain you follow my Facebook page and have joined my Naughty Nymph reader group!! You don't want to miss out on all the fun!

3. This morning, I finally broke down and went to the doctor about my ear. It is badly infected. I knew this. My doc just prefers not to prescribe antibiotics too quickly. Anyway, I left the doc's and went to the pharmacy to get my meds. Much to my delight, Hungry Eyes from the original Dirty Dancing album came on while I was there. (Do people call them albums anymore? I almost said playlist.) I feel certain you know of my deep, devotion to Dirty Dancing. It is the movie that made me want to write romance. It has an extremely powerful hold on me.

And please for the love of Patrick Swayze and his swoon-worthy hips (God rest his soul) do not come at me with that ridiculous remake! What the hell was that even? Anyway, back to Hungry Eyes. That runaway thought train would be a beautiful example of why we call this the RANDOM Friday Five. So, I was standing in the pharmacy when the song came on and I stepped up to get my prescription and had to clench my fists and bite my tongue when the chorus came on so I didn't belt it out in the pharmacist's face. I feel certain she would have appreciated my efforts if she'd known that's what I was doing and if she'd ever heard me sing. It's bad. So very, very bad!

4. I did get my hair done this week. That was fun! I'll post pics as soon as I get over this infection so I don't look like I've been backed over with a bulldozer. Think mega-blonde with bangs. 

5. I also wrote lots of words in Last Call this week. The more I write the more I love Natalie Camden and Aaron Weber. I can't wait to get to their Happily Ever After! I also can't wait to get them in bed. What? Don't judge! That's one of the reasons I write extremely hot romance. I love the sexy parts. Hopefully, with the meds I'll feel better quick and get more done. I can't wait for you to meet these characters. They're going to be two of my faves. I just know! 

Okay, that brings us to the end of this week's Random Friday Five. I'm going to go make another mug of tea or maybe take a nap. This infection is kicking my booty. I definitely see a Eucalyptus bath in my future. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me!! 

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