My Top Fives!!

June 16, 2017

Instead of my typical Random Friday Five, I thought we'd do a special Birthday Edition of my Top Fives since today is in fact my birthday!!

It's true confession time. Hold me! 

I'm making lists of all things lovable, weird, odd, and quirky about yours truly! 

Are you ready? Here we go...

My Top 5 Favorite Book Series (from my childhood) 

1. Harry Potter - Okay, so I was an adult when this one came out but it belongs on every favorite series ever. 

2. Babysitter's Club

3. Sweet Valley Twins / High

4. Anne of Green Gables

5. The Fudge books by Judy Blume + Are You There God, It's Me Margaret 

My Top 5 Favorite Movies 

1. Sweet Home Alabama

2. Dirty Dancing

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

4. Father of the Bride

5. Pride and Prejudice

My Top 5 Favorite Things to Eat

1. I am a Southern girl, so my favorite thing in the whole world to eat would be - buttermilk cornbread, sliced tomatoes from the garden, pinto beans, fried okra, collard greens, homemade mac n' cheese, and sliced onions. 

2. Chicken Marsala

3. Ahi salad or Ahi tacos

4. Black and Bleu salad 

5. Chips and Salsa

5 Things I Love, Adore, and Collect

1. Vintage Cookbooks (swoon)

2. Jadeite dishware 

3. Quilts

4. Vintage Kitchen Linens 

5. Books!

My Top 5 Favorite Things to Buy for Myself

1. Planners (in excess), stickers, pens, highlighters

2. Journals

3. Skin Care Products

4. Books

5. Purses and Shoes! 

5 Weird Things About Me 

1. My favorite way to eat scrambled eggs is with applesauce (It's yummy! I promise!)

2. I sniff books way more than could possibly be normal!

3. My sons were born exactly 2 years, 2 days, and 2 minutes apart. They were both also 2 weeks early. No, I did not plan this. 

4. I got married just a few weeks after my 18th birthday. Yes, people thought we were insane. We didn't care. Still the best decision I ever made! 

5. I wear my husband's socks way more than I wear my own. They make me feel close to him and they keep my feet warm! 

My Top 5 Favorite Things to Do

1. Write! Write more! Keep writing! 

2. Spend time with my hubby, preferably drinking coffee. 

3. Read while taking a bath

4. Have coffee on the beach, preferably Kealia Beach or Hanalei Bay on Kauai if I get my choice. 

5. Cooking, especially with my boys. 

5 Books I've Read More Than 5 Times Each

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

3. Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4. Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery 

5. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

And ... 

Shh ...

You can never tell anyone but there is one more list. 

It's a secret! 

Full of secret, and mildly embarrassing information. 


Keep scrolling 


Almost there


5 Secret and Weird Things I May or May Not Own

​1. A replica of Molly Weasley's wand from Harry Potter 

2. A secret Tumblr account 

3. A Gilmore Girls coffee mug with the first line of the first show written on it 

4. A copy of the first romance novel I ever read

5. A pair of glasses I wore in 8th grade

Sharing time is over class. Whew! Just remember I will (probably) never admit any of this even in a courtroom. Unless, someone told me to and then I would because I'm really not much of a rebel. Anyway, I'm off to celebrate my birthday with hubs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me! <3 

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