The Random Friday Five!!

June 30, 2017

It's Friday afternoon!! AND it's a long weekend! Woohoo! 

Are you excited?

I must admit I am a big Fourth of July celebrator, so I am really excited! And also let me wish Happy Canada Day to our friends to the North! 

Let's get our Friday randomness on so we can get to the weekend!

1. First and foremost, I must ask - What are you reading for the long weekend? I loaded my Kindle up. There were so many excellent releases this week.

2. We're also hosting a big family gathering complete with ribs, onion straws, and fireworks, so I'll be a busy girl this weekend! I'm telling you the onion straws make it. You must have them. I'm also contemplating making homemade ice cream. I've never done it before, but my sweet grandmother (the one currently in stroke rehab) used to make it every year. Say a prayer for her, and wish me luck on my foray into ice cream making. It can't possibly be as good as hers. It just can't, but I'm going to try.

3. We came home from the beach last Monday. I'm telling you, I've been a little off all week. I didn't start my work week until Tuesday so I keep forgetting what day it is. Maybe I just need more coffee. Maybe I'm losing it. Maybe I really am that schedule oriented and I need to loosen up more. It's always a possibility. Either way, I do find myself longing for the structure of the school year. Just don't tell my kids I said that! They would never forgive me. 

4. I really don't want to be that girl who actually blogs about the weather, but I have to tell you the weather in Atlanta this week has been quite strange. It rains one minute then the sun is shining the next. It can't seem to make up its mind. The poor people who've been trying to repave our neighborhood are having a time of it. Just when they bring all of the equipment out it starts down pouring. I'm personally ready for some summer sunshine, especially for the Fourth! 

5. Okay, so as a writer I will readily admit to getting all kinds of random ideas at random times. That is, after all, where the Random Friday Five came from. Well, this week as I was writing Natalie Camden's novel (I'm still not quite sure about the title so I'm not calling it that yet) these other characters came into the story and I was like - Oh, I want to write their stories, too!

I made my first, and often most difficult, pitch for the new series, to Mr. Neal! L He loved it!

I made some calls to author friends and asked what they thought. They all said - "Do Eeet!" 

I called some industry gurus who could offer guidance. They all said - "Oh hell yes!"

I called another very special guy (my baby bro) to ask if he could offer help on occasion, and he replied - "Hoorah!" Okay, he didn't actually say that. He actually said - "Why are you calling me at 3:00 in the morning? Why can't you remember the 13 hour time difference?" But I called him back when he was actually awake and he said - "When have I ever let you down, sis?" And there, in that magical moment, a new series was born. Today, I got a random idea for the most perfect title that has ever been for the first book of the new series! I'm so excited! 

Now, I must venture down to my kitchen to figure out dinner. I fear I will end up at the grocery to acquire food stuffs for said dinner. It's Friday afternoon in Atlanta. Wish me luck! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Fourth and Happy Canada Day! I love you all bunches! Read something sexy this weekend! 


Your Hungry and very Random Leader 

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