The Random Friday Five!!

July 7, 2017

It's Friday, my loves! And it's July! These are all very good things!! 

Are you ready for my weekly dose of randomness (aka complete insanity)? I assume you are or you wouldn't be here hanging with me. Thanks for that by the way!

All right, let's get our Random Friday Five going - 

1. The reason I am so excited that July is finally here is that July means it is almost time for the Romance Writers of America conference! Yay! It is, without a doubt, one of my very favorite weeks of the year, and it's almost here! This year thousands of romance writers are invading Disney World in Orlando! Look out, Mickey! I love seeing old friends, making new friends, meeting new readers, and learning a ton. I always come home so energized and full of new ideas. I cannot wait!! 

2. And this year, just a few days after the conference, Mr. Neal and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! We honeymooned in Disney all those years ago so we're extending our trip and even dining in the restaurant where we ate the day after our wedding. I'm so excited!!

3. On top of all of that, I will be signing books at the Literacy Signing Saturday, July 29th! All of the proceeds go to my very favorite organization, ProLiteracy! If you're going to be in Orlando, come see me, and the Camden cowboys, and hundreds of other fabulous authors!! Info is in the pic at the top of this blog. 

4. This week I've been working frantically on Natalie Camden's novel, Last Call. So far, I am loving Aaron Weber (her hero) so much I can barely stand it! He's gritty, and sexy, and badass, and used to jump out of planes, and is well versed with the dirty talking! I cannot wait until you have Last Call in your hands. Fair warning, by the time I'm finished writing this,  it will be blistering hot!! 

5. I've been able to get so much done on Last Call this week because my boys have been at Camp Grandma's. They've actually been helping my mom and stepdad do a few chores around the house. Mowing, painting, and putting on new siding were on their to-do lists. I love that my boys can help and that they love to help my mom. Makes my own mama-heart happy!! 

All right, we've arrived at the end of our weekly randomness. Don't worry I will go on being completely random in other formats until I do this again next week. It's in my blood. It's who I am, man! Don't judge! 

Oh, you weren't judging? Well then just pretend I didn't say that. 

Clearly, I need more coffee. 

When is that not the case?

Don't answer that. 

I love you all! I'm going to go figure out what we're having for dinner and try to squeeze in another few sexy words in the manuscript. 

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