The Random Friday Five!!

July 21, 2017

It's Friday afternoon! Hooray! AND it's the Friday afternoon before the RWA conference! Double hoorays! 

Okay, I'll calm down now. 


Since the week before RWA is the week authors have to do all of the things, we're going to jump into this week's Random Friday Five. Because I still have SO much to do.

1.This week has included things like - locating our suitcases, making packing lists, re-editing Rodeo Summer (don't ask), buying clothes, returning clothes, buying more clothes, stocking up on toiletries, getting the boys school supplies, a few doctor's appointments, pedicures, hair removal, doing all the things that have to be done in the next two weeks, taking proof that we do live in the school district up to the school ... again, and basically losing my mind and occasionally, my religion. The boys start school right after we get back. Everything has to be done. NOW! 

2. I'm just a little stressed. But I'm also so very excited. The conference is always one of my very favorite weeks of the year. The fact that it's being held in one of my favorite places this year is a huge bonus. I'm so ready to have my creative well refilled and to vacation for a while. This will be the last RFF until August. I will be posting pics of my trip on my Facebook page and on Instagram, so make sure you follow me those places. 

3. My youngest son is da bomb yo mcshixxle dizzle

^^^^^^^^^ Um, this is what happens when I walk away from my laptop for just a moment. I'm going to leave this here because it will make his entire day. 

4. Needless to say, the boys are very excited about our Disney trip. Youngest has even meticulously re-read and made notes from all of the Harry Potter books so that we can experience all of the Harry Potter World in the exact order that Harry did. I have no idea where he gets his need to list and plan all the things. I mean, it's not like I have 25 separate lists of things to make certain are done, packed, and organized before we go. Okay, okay, I have 24. 

5. One of the goals for this week was to use up much of the food in my pantry and fridge. We're doing pretty good, but we have had a few odd meals. I made chicken nachos last night with the remnants of six chip bags that had been driving me crazy. Tonight we're having chicken with two different kinds of rice. I honestly don't care. I'm just so thrilled to be using everything up. I'll restock when we get back. The school year will be upon us and I can get back to my routine. I am one happy mama! 

All right, I'm off to do some more packing and to make our two-rice chicken dinner. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me and I'll see you when we get back from Orlando! 

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