The Random Friday Five!!

August 11, 2017

It feels like it's been approximately two decades since we gathered here on a Friday afternoon (or a Saturday evening, or a Sunday afternoon, or Monday, or whenever you read this blog) for me to bring a little humor or perhaps fear to your lives by giving you five random facts about my life. 

The summer is over! 

The boys are back in school. 

Mama's back. Sort of. Kind of. I'm working on it anyway. 

Let's get our Friday randomness on and we'll see how I do. How about that?

1. Bright and early Monday morning I struck out to attempt to awaken my two teenage sons from their slumber many, many hours before they'd been crawling out of bed during the hot summer months. As I'm certain you can imagine, they did not appreciate my efforts. Too bad. So sad. Time for school. I may or may not have actually said that to them. After breakfast and my insistence on pictures they headed off to expand their minds and knowledge base. And for the first time in many, many, many, so freaking many weeks, my house was quiet. I thought complete thoughts. I prepared food and then ate it without a myriad of interruptions. It was all very strange. 

2. Yet we have survived and even thrived during this first week of school. The boys like their classes and their teachers. They've seen old friends and even made a few new ones. They don't like homework but you can't win them all. I have actually written words (lots of words) this week. I am cautiously optimistic that this will continue. I'm so excited!! 

3. However, that alarm going off three hours earlier than my weary body was accustomed to has taken its toll. We all looked a bit like sleep-deprived sloths this morning. Sleeping in tomorrow will be heavenly. Ten days at Disney World and then going back to school might not have been my best plan in the world. We had fun but I kind of need a vacation from my vacation. 

4. Along with typing so many words this week I got the comps on the covers of a few upcoming books. I cannot wait to show them to you! They're so pretty! I love the cover of Last Call so much I might want to marry it. Don't tell Mr. Neal. He tends to get jealous. 

5.  Do you have fabulous weekend plans? Catching up on sleep and work is the name of the game for me this weekend. I think Mr. Neal has the same plans. I'm loving Last Call so much I don't want to stop writing. I have to pry myself away from my keyboard to do things like shower. I feel certain my family appreciates my efforts in this department. Aaron and Natalie are just so sexy, and so sweet, and so yummy. I love them! So, tomorrow I'm spending the day with them. I can't wait! 

All right, we've arrived at the end of this week's Random Friday Five. I hope you have a fab weekend that includes coffee or cowboys or both! If you want to spend the weekend with Austin Camden, you can read Rodeo Summer for FREE!! Yes, that's right FREE! See, I'm giving you a cowboy to spend the weekend with. I do this because I love you!! 

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