The Random Friday Five!!

August 18, 2017

It's Friday, my loves!

Are you ready for the weekend?

Did you have a good week?

Are you ready to be eclipse-d?

It's time for my dose of weekly randomness. Are you ready?

Let's proceed without caution. Caution is for wimps. We're not wimps! We can do this. 

Just let me get a little more coffee. 

I'll be right back.




Okay, I'm back. 

1. Let's see here, this week, for me, has been super productive which makes me deliriously happy! I learned so much at the RWA conference three weeks ago and I finally got a chance to put some of it into action. I'm so thrilled with the changes I've made to my writing time. I've been working like a mad woman on Last Call and I'm deliriously happy with where it's going. I am so freaking in love with Aaron Weber I can't even stand it. He is just swoon-worthy. Used to be a Green Beret and is going to be a cowboy by the time this book is finished. Seriously, could he *be* an sexier? I think not.

2. Do you watch Adam Ruins Everything? We love that show! My boys adore it. I was thoroughly enjoying this week's episode until Adam said something about putting a period at the end of sentences in texts means that you're actually angry or annoyed. Uh, what? My children confirmed this was true. Here's the worst part - I clearly had never heard of this because I am no longer young, and hip, and cool. Okay, so I probably turned in my hip card about the time I gave birth to nine pound boys and my actual hips decided to crack and pop every time I move. It's so sexy. Let me tell you. 

But that isn't the point. I'm not so much worried that kids don't know that ending punctuation is important. I believe they firmly grasp the difference between how you write a formal paper and how you communicate via text. The point is that I didn't know! And I want to still be cool. But I'm not. {sniffles} 

3. Do you have plans for the eclipse? We're going to an eclipse party because even though I am decidedly uncool, I do have cool friends who must occasionally leave their offices (and homes) and do things like plan eclipse parties. I'm supposed to bring sun and moon themed snacks to the party. If you are a long time reader of the Random Friday Five you have heard me say this before - all of my creativity is narrative. The best thing I've come up with to make are black and white cookies. Get it. Like day and night. It's okay to tell me how lame this is. I already know. 

I could pick up some Moon Pies. We used to eat Moon Pies sitting on the old dock up at the lake in the summer while drinking an ice cold Tab. Do they even still sell Tab? Can one eat Moon Pies without Tab? What if that's some kind of rule and I can only provide the Moon Pies but not the Tab. It could be an eclipse travesty. So, now you see why I need you to give me some ideas for eclipse-worthy foods. Seriously, help a girl out.

4. Okay, new topic. My brain is random, remember? The book I am currently pouring my heart and soul into (read: working my ass off on) will be my seventeenth published novel. And I've learned that I have a thing. Other writers talked about their "thing" at the conference and I started wondering if I had one, too. It turns out most of us go buy ourselves a little something when we finish a book, a prize of sorts. I thought back over all of the books I've published and realized that after most of them I want (and often get myself) a new purse. 

Now, I've always had a handbag habit. Seriously, I LOVE them! I'm over half way through Last Call and there are two purses I have my eye on. Mind you, when Forever Wild and Un-Hitched hit the Top 100 in Western Romance back to back I went and got myself a rather expensive handbag. I really shouldn't want another one. Oh, but I do. I really, really do. Not that I love my other one any less. Just that - I want more! {sing that like Arial for the full effect} 

5. I have a ton do to this weekend including cranking out more words in Last Call. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that if you're in the viewing area of the eclipse that you enjoy it and stay safe! I'll see you back here next Friday. 



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