The Random Friday Five!!

August 25, 2017

{Crawls out of booklandia. Blinks out hideous light of the day star. Tries to make sense of the world around her.} The author emerges from her cave in search of coffee and companionship. 

I'm not even kidding. I am so deep into Last Call right now I can't quite make my way back to reality. I have learned after writing many, many books that this is a very good thing. I am so absorbed at this point I can't do anything but write. The characters have completely taken over my brain. This is where the magic happens. I love this part! 

I have many times related writing and publishing a book to birthing a child. There are just so many parallels. To all of my male RFF readers I apologize. You might want to avert your eyes for just a moment. 

Okay, at this point in the book birthing process, my water has broken, I'm fully dilated, almost fully effaced and everything in me wants to deliver this book. Nothing else even makes sense at this point. 

Boys! Oh, boys! You can read again here - 

But because I love you, I have pulled myself away from Camden Ranch to do a quick Random Friday Five, however. 

Are we ready?

Let's go...

1. Going back to the beginning of the week, the eclipse was absolutely amazing! We were in totality and everything about it was awe inspiring. The roosters made their goodnight crows. (I know the goodnight crows. If you want to know more about how I know all about rooster's crows search for Leon in the blogs from Hawaii.) The crickets chirped. There was sunset all around us. It was just astounding. 

2. As I mentioned in far too much detail, I am closing in on Aaron and Natalie's Happily Ever After. I both want to reach the end so they have each other and I don't because I love these characters so much it hurts. I know I won't be ready to let them go out into the world. See, it really is like having a child. 

3. Although the eclipse was amazing, it also feels like it was a month ago. It's been a long week. I'm hoping to get in another 1000 words before I hit the sack tonight. Tomorrow, my boys are going to the lake with some friends so I'll be back at it. Like I said, everything in me needs to birth this book, even if I won't be ready to let them go. 

4. It's about this point in every Random Friday Five where I begin to wonder what image I'll select to go along with this blog. I hereby promise not to find an image of a woman in the throws of full blown labor and to cover the crowning child with a book. I won't do that. I thought about it. But I won't. I'll find something else. 

5. We are having pizza for dinner to celebrate Eldest getting a major part in the high school play. Every time he says he wants to write scripts, or act, or produce films I pray that the world will be kind to him. I want to support him but that's not such a stable career plan right? Then I remember that I'm a writer and I keep my mouth shut. Impossible dreams still come true. And he's an amazing kid. I still want the world to be kind to him though. 

All right, I'm off to write a few more words and to locate coupons for pizza. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me! And see, I found an adorable pic of a baby and some books. That's better right? 

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