The Random Friday Five!!!

September 15, 2017

I am fairly certain it is Friday.

Not completely certain but that is what my planners tell me. I have enough of them all telling me that so this must be true. However, this has been a very, very strange week. 

Let's just jump right into our Friday randomness and I'll try to explain my confusion. 

1. First off, Hurricane Irma tore through GA on Monday. To all of you who are still feeling the ill effects of the storm please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! There are still people without power and even more without internet. As for us, Irma did take down several trees nearby and wiped out our internet for a little while but we were extremely fortunate. We never even lost power but school was cancelled through Wednesday for us. As a person who is very oriented by schedule it kind of threw me for a loop. My boys went to school yesterday after being off (which made it feel like Monday) and now it's Friday. Sigh. I probably just need more sleep. 

2. In the middle of the storm, Mr. Neal found out that he will be having sinus surgery next week. If you'd like to send some prayers and good energy our way, I would certainly appreciate it! You know he's my rock and it's been a rough year with illnesses for him so we're ready to get him on the road to recovery. This is the first stop. 

3. I'm also waiting on the big edits to come back on Last Call. They should be here any moment. This always makes me nervous. My editor has assured me that she loves the book so I'm trying not to be too nervous but still. 

4. Because I never like to make things easy, right before Irma decided to pay us a visit, I decided I wanted to do an office makeover. Namely, I wanted a larger desk and another bookcase. Oldest needs a desk in his room so we opted to give I'm my old one. It should have all worked out beautifully except that the new desk we ordered was coming from Florida to Atlanta in the middle of a hurricane. It still isn't here. My office currently consists of a beautiful new bookcase and all of the things that will ultimately go in the new desk strewn on every other available space. Stacks and stacks of things are everywhere. It's been like this for a week. It's making me twitchy. My desk (cross your fingers) is supposed to arrive today. 

5. Oh! I also did a fun thing this week while Last Call is with my editors. I figured out the plot and characters for my next book. Oh, my goodness, I am so very excited! This book is a super, secret book no one knows about. Well, Mr. Neal knows about it and my publicist knows about it but that's it. It isn't about any characters you've met before. I'm sitting here physically biting my lips together because it's just such a good surprise and I cannot wait for you to figure it all out but I can't tell you yet. I will say this - there is a clue at the end of Last Call. And that is it! Shh! 

Okay, I'm going to go make sure I remembered to defrost the meat for the spaghetti we're having tonight. Seriously, this week has fried my brain. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you're still recovering from Irma I pray you have power and life restored in every possible way you need it to be very soon!  

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