The Random Friday Five!!!

December 1, 2017

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing still on?

Do you remember me?

It's been a day or two since we've Random Friday Five-ed! 

But there's no time like the present so I shall now give you five random things floating around in my head on this Friday afternoon. 

Side note - If you love the RFF blog, tell me! We're making lots of changes in the upcoming year and if you're just not all that into this particular post let a girl know (nicely.) Feel free to say - I love your RFF post! Please never change it! Your brain is so weird and I find it oddly fascinating. OR Say, uh yeah, I'd really rather you just stick to writing the books. Somehow your characters' brains are way more palatable than yours. 

I'm cool either way!

Okay, let's get random, shall we?

1. The past two/three weeks have been rather hectic, a little strange, and chaotic to say the least. Those of you who follow me on social media probably know my husband has been undergoing immunosuppressive therapy to treat a rare autoimmune disease. I am blessed beyond measure to tell you that he has finished his treatments and they seem to have worked just like they were supposed to. He has a doctor's appointment next week where we will find out more but for now I'm just so relieved! We are still quarantined for a few more weeks but other than that it's so good to see him feeling so much better! 

2. His treatments really were only a small part of the hectic chaos. That came from me being WAY behind on a book and basically working twenty hour days to get it to my editor by my due date. As you can imagine working hours like that kind of led to every other thing in life going crazy. Let's just say I am really looking forward to 2018! 

3. I did get all of our Christmas decorations up - yay! If you remember last Christmas we were in the middle of a gigantic move back to Atlanta from Kauai. We actually flew out on Christmas Eve so we didn't have much of a holiday season. This year I wanted to do it right. One of my very favorite parts of the holiday season is going downstairs while everyone else is asleep and drinking a cup of cinnamon coffee in front of the lit Christmas tree in our living room. It's so cozy and helps me remember the reason for the season. 

4. Lately, when I'm not working on the line edits for the supremely sexy and downright dirty cowboy Colton Holder from Wayward Son, I've been reading Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker. I'm telling you this book has given me a new lease on life! I plan to immediately re-read it as soon as I finish it and I don't normally care for non-fiction. It's just so real and exactly what I needed in my life right now. This year has just about worn me out so Jen's book was like a night out with one of my favorite girlfriends with plenty of wine! It soothed my weary soul. If you haven't checked it out, put it on your Christmas list or go immediately and purchase it for yourself. It's that good! 

5. Since I always believe in balancing your naughty with your nice, I cannot wait for Lili Valente and Lauren Blakey's new book, The V Card, to come out next week. Two of my favorite authors teamed up for this and it's going to be fantastic. I just know! 

All right, I'm going to go whip up some chicken tacos for dinner. I actually managed to find avocados that weren't too ripe or too unripe for guacamole, which is a freaking miracle in December, so I'm excited to get in the kitchen. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a lovely holiday season. 



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