The Random Friday Five!!

December 8, 2017

It is not often that I can say this but - It is a snowy Friday in Atlanta!

It's so pretty. Hubs took the picture you see up there. That's one of our decks and he took it several hours ago. It's much deeper now. 

Since I'm home (not at my hair appointment which is where I was supposed to be right about now) we can Random Friday Five! Yay!


Do you have hat, gloves, coat, and warm socks on? 

Wait. Sorry. Those are my typical questions for when my children want to go out and play in the snow. This is a different thing entirely. Although I do recommend socks. It's cold out!

Let's get random -

1. Today has been a weird day. First of all, Atlanta very rarely sees snow. And this was really good snow. We mostly get a smattering of icy crud that hurts if you go out in it and then melts. This is legit build-a-snowman snow. And it's only December, which makes it even more rare. They cancelled school at noon and delivered my children back home to me. Most of their teachers let them have snowball fights all morning so they got to really enjoy it. But when the hair salon called to cancel my appointment because the roads were getting bad I might have pouted. My roots are hurting my feelings, y'all. They really, really are. 

2. And then Georgia Romance Writers cancelled our monthly meeting for tomorrow. I was the speaker this month so I'm truly bummed. Also, I am clearly not a highly adaptable person because now I have no idea how to deal with this new found time. There are a million things I could be doing but I can't process it just yet. I had my whole weekend planned out. I find this snow development disconcerting. Pretty but disconcerting. 

3. I announced this in my reader group earlier this week but I wanted to tell you all as well that Mr. Neal is doing so much better! He was released from quarantine by his doctor and has to have more blood work done next week but I want to thank each and every one of you who have prayed for him or sent him good energy! It means so much to us! I'm so thankful we're moving towards remission. He will be on a maintenance kind of medicine for several years but we are just so very blessed! 

4.  I honestly cannot believe we're almost half way through December. 2017 has been a really rough year for our family and for so many others so I'm looking forward to 2018. I also have SO many plans for all of my readers! More giveaways, more books (obviously), two new series, and so much more! I'm working my way through the edits on Wayward Son and it will be out at the end of January. Yay! 

5. I did make a big pot of chili for supper and my boys want us all to watch Christmas movies together so all in all, even though my roots are still being rude when I look in the mirror, I'd say this is a pretty great snow day! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Read something sexy for me! 

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